Wavves are a kind of Lo-Fi Punk/Noise band from San Diego, California. Who I especially like right now.

Here is a rough mix of there new track which according to their blog will be on their follow up to the great album by the same name . The new seems to take a much more cleaner guitar sound – perhaps more in the vein of almost hardcore punk or messy alt punk. I personally love the chorus – “Going insane, Going Insane: I cant take it” perhaps a reference to the singers almost public break down onstage at Primavera Festival which resulted in the drummer covering him in beer and being booed hugely by an angry Spanish crowed – It later turned out the Nathan was ‘high’ on a cocktail of Xanax, Ecstasy, and Valium.

Favourite tracks of mine include – So Bored, Gun In The Sun, and Beach Demon

Do check them out – you will enjoy