OK, So keeping a readers content fresh is essential in the blogging world, so apologies for the second in a row post about swimwear but this in mind mind is perhaps the ultimate piece of ‘get your own back‘ gear. The Ultimate revenge for the annoyed, slightly jilted ex lover. Could that be you?

So here we go the ‘Water Soluble Bikini‘ is perhaps the ultimate revenge plan to absolutely humiliate your ex. Unfortunately Ladies this is only available at present in female sizes.

Get Naked Bikini Water Soluble

So the deal is that once the Bikini has made contact with the water for roughly 3 minutes it will then start to dissolve leaving the other half stranded in the sea or swimming pool whilst completely naked, no doubt this is the ultimate revenge. Perhaps even the guys over at Prank Vote would find this Bikini slightly out of there crazy limits.

Whatever you want to do with it – do it. Its a one trick pony and disappears at the end so make it worth it. Shame your ex and pick one up from here . I also recommend checking some of the other stuff on there.

*Disclaimer – Do not try this on an ex who doesn’t have a sense of humour or on a deserted beach.