today released there fairly OTT post on how ‘Tea Drinkers are Harming the Environment‘. I have included the full post for you to read below.

When people think of ways that they can reduce waste and energy consumption they usually think of the big things, like the cars that they drive, or the house that they heat and electrify. However, studies have shown that there are also small changes that people can make in their lifestyle which will make a collective dent in the amount of waste in the United Kingdom. Things like unplugging a mobile phone charger when it is not in use or turning a television off at the main switch can save millions in energy usage if everyone would do them. A recent report claims that even something as simple as a cup of tea can have dramatic effects on the environment.

This week WRAP, the government’s waste watchdog, released a study which illustrated a variety of small ways in which citizens in the United Kingdom can reduce their waste. While some groups claim that massive restructuring needs to be done in British homes, WRAP says there are small ways that each and every person can make a difference. One small example WRAP offers goes to those who don’t finish a cup of tea. According to WRAP, an enormous amount of waste is created by people who re-boil an entire kettle of water rather than re-heating the cup they didn’t finish.

According to the WRAP study it takes nearly one hundred and fifty grams of CO2 emissions to make a cup of white coffee from scratch, which is around the same amount it takes to drive a mile in a car. It takes only about thirty grams to re-heat a cup of tea or coffee in the microwave.

Ok, so sure there are ways of people making environmental savings, but why are we singling out making a cup of tea? My point is that – sure I might not finish a cup of tea, but luckily for the eco-warrior types I am not going to re-heat it, instead I will probably just wait until the next craving for tea/coffee comes and then make another cup. Unfortunately I think the case in question comes from peoples distinct hatred of the seemingly old fashioned kettle. Personally nothing is better then a lovely cuppa, brewed in my brand new (at birthday) kettle.

Friend: What did you get for your birthday mate?

Me: Ah, Lots of nice presents, also a Kettle

Friend: What?!?

There does seem to be a dislike to anything Old Fashioned or even that horrible word ‘retro’, personally a tea pot + some nice tea bags makes the nicest brew possibly, there is no way you are going to convince me otherwise, and then at least I feel like I am doing my bit (not that I was aware the simple, unadulterated pleasure of drinking tea was costing our precious world seconds) for climate change. Luckily however I don’t see there being any form of banning of drinking or wasting cups of tea – lets be honest there would be ‘national outcry’ and the economy would collapse, perhaps a modern day Boston Tea Party (is it me or should that be renamed – Boston Coffee/White Hot Chocolate Party?)

Final words? We need change and we need it now? We all should revert to owning tea pots and ‘brewing’ up eco-friendly tea…