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Car Rental, Buying or even leasing a vehicle. The choice of how you get your hands on a vehicle are simply endless (well three at the very least). When it comes to making the right decision for your business, whether that be either Van Rental,Car Hire, Buying or Lease Buying.

Doug Caverly over at Small Business News Has written a frankly excellent article which I have re-printed below.

For the average individual, buying a vehicle is a smarter financial option than leasing one. Things seem to lean in the same direction for small businesses, but there are some different factors to consider.

Fortune’s Anne Fisher writes, “One benefit of leasing is that it usually takes a smaller cash outlay upfront, and you can then deduct monthly lease payments as rental expenses on your taxes. Buying requires a bigger initial payment and then depreciating the asset over its useful life, which may mean a smaller annual tax deduction. Since a car’s value drops fastest in its first few years, leasing is wiser if you don’t plan to keep the vehicle for long.”

Also, if you do plan to keep the vehicle for a while, think about how that will reflect on your business; you don’t want people to associate your company with some rusty, discontinued sedan.

But paying for something and then keeping it is usually a much smarter option than returning the item after a few years. Fisher points out that this route is especially likely to save money if you’re driving the vehicle a lot (since most leases have mileage limits).

As with most things, you’ll just have to weigh your business’s needs and finances, and find what’s right for you. Also, in this one instance, be sure to offer your humble author a test drive if you get anything interesting.

Personally I am of the opinion that when a person makes the step towards purchasing a vehicle, they should do so knowing full well, what each of their choices entails. For example, if you take a care out with a credit account with the firm, its worth remembering that unless you take out the ‘con’ of Payment Protection you could be horribly stung by the credit company if you miss payments or even lose your job. Car Rental has traditionally been looked at as a Holiday/Tourism based industry predominately for the more adventurous in Spain who use the omnipresent at airports. When it comes to outright buying, personally, this is the best choice, as you at the very least know exactly what you have paid for. It also means that when it comes to budgeting for the month: the only concerns should be regarding road tax and insurance.

What ever choice one makes regarding a new vehicle its definitely worth remembering that the choice could technically work out the wrong way. Planning is key and only spending the bare minimum doesn’t necessarily get you the best deal! Of course the same metrics can literally applied to business vehicles such as vans or even Van rental as opposed to buying

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The chief constable of South Yorkshire Police has attacked the Liberal Democrats over criticism of how much forces spend on hire cars.

The party’s home affairs spokesman, Chris Huhne, uncovered figures showing more than £132m had been spent on car hire in the last five years. Police chief, Meredydd Hughes, said it was “more cost effective” to hire cars. He accused the Liberal Democrats of “wasting everyone’s time trying to get publicity for their party”.

This is a story that isn’t a story,” he said.

“South Yorkshire Police is proud of the way it uses the public’s resources.”

The MP’s findings, which are the result of freedom of information requests to all the UK’s police forces, found that the Metropolitan Police force spent the most on car hire – more than £48m. South Yorkshire Police was found to have spent just over £2.5m. Mr Hughes said: “We hire cars to transport officers investigating major incidents such as murder inquiries, terrorist incidents and other major crimes.

Chris Huhne called the figures ‘unnecessarily lavish’

“We also hire specialist vehicles in very bad weather, for example where there are problems like flooding. “This is much more cost effective than owning the cars full time.”

His comments came after Mr Huhne described the amounts as “unnecessarily lavish” at a time “when police budgets are under extreme pressure”. “Hiring cars at appropriate times can save forces money, but if they are being hired while police cars are not in use, it is simply a waste of taxpayers’ money,” he said.

In a statement Mr Hughes said: “The Liberal Democrats would do better to come and ask South Yorkshire Police how we are spending the money rather than wasting everyone’s time trying to get publicity for their party.

Personally I’m of the opinion that the Police in this situation should be able to make the decisions as to how they spend there budget. If this means that they need to rent vehicles to ensure that the job is completed correctly and efficiently then so be it. I would much rather public groups put money back into the economy by using car hire/van rental firms as opposed to spending grossly on a vehicle which might only be used sporadically.

It seems that the Liberal Democrats are thinking only from a PR perspective, trying to make it look like they would try and cut down on public spending at the cost of efficiency. The Police need to be allowed to carry on with the hard decent job that they currently do.

Article Source BBC 1st January – Here

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