Fashion historians may disagree about the true origins of this wardrobe staple, but all would agree that the polo shirt is a timeless piece of clothing that will never go out of fashion. Whether you want to dress it up for a relaxed summer dinner, or keep it casual for a barbeque with friends, the polo shirt will remain a classic look for this summer. However you wear your polo shirt, be sure to avoid the fashion faux-pas of wearing the collar of your shirt turned up, unless, of course, you’re aiming for the French footballer crossed with Sloane Ranger look!

Here we look at the classic men’s polo shirt, and a variety of looks you achieve from styled up with a suit, to styled down with shorts, it’s a hot look this summer.

Modern Mod Culture

Wearing your polo shirt buttoned-up with a pair of jeans is a contemporary take on the Mod culture of the 1960s, and you can add different pieces of clothing to transform your look. Slim, straight line jeans with desert boots or loafers look great with a buttoned-up polo shirt, and if you want to add a semi-fine knit cardigan, or a Harrington jacket, all the better! For some extra detail, wearing jeans with turn-ups is an additional stylish option.

Casual with Chinos

Paired with a pair of chinos, and buttoned-down, a polo shirt rocks a fail-safe look for the summer. Tucked in will look great if you’ve been hitting the gym, but for those less than svelte, leaving your shirt un-tucked is more forgiving. For a smart/casual appearance in the hot weather, the polo shirt and chinos combination truly is a winner.


Everyday Summer Style

A polo shirt worn with shorts isn’t just a style for the golfers amongst us; it can also produce an effortless, everyday look that’s just right for the summer. On its own, the polo shirt and shorts combo is casual and stylish, but for a smarter edge whilst keeping the unfussy look you can also add a blazer to your outfit. On holiday, the polo shirt is a much classier accompaniment to shorts than a wife-beater vest or logo t-shirt.

Laid-back Formality

A suit is a classic, if somewhat formal, staple in every man’s wardrobe, yet adding a polo shirt will allow you to look (and feel, as long as you select cotton!) cool on summer evenings. A polo shirt in this season’s bright colours worn with a neutral coloured suit is just the thing for injecting some personality into your summer look. Carefully consider the fabric and style of your choice of suit, as a dark coloured, woollen business suit will both look out of place and cause unwelcome sweltering in the sunshine! A seersucker or linen suit would work best for this look during the warmer summer months.

Light and Layered

For a semi-casual daytime look, a sleeveless sweater can be worn over a polo shirt to great effect. Worn with jeans or shorts, this look will stay on the relaxed, untailored side of casual, but you can also smarten it up by wearing tailored slim-line trousers and desert boots.

Whatever your particular style, the versatile polo shirt is one of the hottest looks for this summer, whichever way you choose to wear it. By combining one of Lyle & Scott’s golf polos with this season’s must-have trend of bright, strong colours, you can be certain of standing out in the crowd and making a strong style statement. Just make sure that you opt for a good quality cotton version of the classic polo.