I long ago faced the fact that I was never going to be a style guru as I suffered from what appeared to be an incurable condition that compelled me to be attracted to loud sparkly items and anything pink! For years my wardrobe has been full of pieces louder than the average Christmas tree and it is time to do something about it as whilst the average 20 year old can probably get away with such garments, the 50 year old me is probably starting to look foolish!


Take shoes for instance. On a recent shopping expedition I was looking for a pair of comfortable trainers or similar and despite stringent attempts to be sensible I emerged from the shop with a pair of glittery tiger striped Converse! I was also instantly attracted to some extravagant and wholly impractical silver boots and a pink pair of trainers which were probably aimed at the under twelves!


I didn’t fare much better when purchasing my clothing for a recent skiing trip either. Despite the inconceivably huge range of jackets available I ended up with not one but two bright pink jackets which probably blinded the other people on the piste and made me clearly identifiable to my friends when I crashed, which I did rather too many times. There are occasions when blending in with the crowd is a decidedly good thing. I, on the other hand, was probably visible from another country!


My accessories tend to be even louder than my clothes. On my latest trip to Disneyland Paris in the depth of winter I needed a hat to keep warm. Everyone else was sporting woollen hats in muted colours, I decided to wear a bobble hat covered in diamanté stones and enhanced the look with a sparkly Mickey Mouse brooch which seemed appropriate at the time but I now realise looks ridiculous.

A Change of Style

I have now decided that I need to go blue and failing that muted purple at least. I have invested in a pair of blue jeans which are free from embellishments, sparkles and anything pink and in a truly radical move have discovered the joys of Princess Tam Tam lounge wear which unlike my usual bright pink pyjamas comes in rather elegant and grown up blue and purple hues. People no longer don their sunglasses when I enter the room and if I am forced to evacuate the building in case of fire I can run into the street with no shame!


Miraculously my new wardrobe does not seem boring and I have found a new sense of pride in my appearance. I do believe that rather than looking like a 50 year old trying to be a child I actually look more youthful and at the very least sensible! I think I will hang on to the pink ski jackets as at least I will be easy to find in an avalanche but otherwise the new me is a little more subtle and the better for it!

Sally Stacey is a keen blogger who is anxious to mend her ways when it comes to fashon. She is still wearing pink sometimes but blue has now inflitrated her wardrobe.

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You’re driving down the street and you see a guy running beside you. He’s got the latest running shoes, the best headband and…underwear? Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, he really is taking a jog in his underwear. And he’s not doing it to be fit. He’s joined in on the latest craze: undie runs for charity. This hilarious, out-of-the-box event has been going on since 2006 and has received nationwide attention as university campuses host them. If your school is hosting an Undie Run or similar event, you’ll need to be prepared.

Don’t Worry about the Shoes – Worry about the Undies

Let’s face it, if you’re running in your underwear, people won’t care if you have the latest and greatest running shoes, but they will care about the underwear you’re sporting. This charity event is already a little off-the-wall, so running in your tightie whities isn’t exactly fashionable. Instead, consider getting on the latest undergarment trends and boxer shorts so that you stand out – even if you’re running dead last.

Custom Printed Boxer Underwear

Take to the road in style with your own custom printed underwear or shorts. Create your own slogan, showcase your charity or print your school’s logo right on your men’s underwear. If you’re running for a specific person, why not humor them by printing their face on the back? Many runners dress up for underwear runs in goofy outfits, sporting elephant thongs, leopard print bottoms, and Borat’s infamous “mankini.”

For the Ladies

Running for charity in your underwear might make a girl shy, but girls have a lot more options for their Undie Run than men. From custom printed panties to fun lingerie outfits, there’s plenty to choose from to run in style – and without showing off more than you want to. Running in a Valentine’s Day-themed challenge? Why not sport some fun and flirty Valentine’s lingerie with your favorite running shoes?

Stick to the Theme

Your charity run will have a theme. Instead of sporting just any underwear, look for women and men’s underwear that suits the theme. Running with a significant other? Check out His and Her underwear sets.

Getting Ready for Your Run

Once you’ve picked out the perfect boxer shorts and panty sets for your Undie Run, you need to actually prepare physically for the marathon. The Undie Run isn’t your typical full or half marathon, but it still requires you to be physically capable of hitting the streets – regardless of temperature – in your finest jockstrap or sexy lingerie.

  1. Get your running technique down before you join the marathon. Professionals recommend avoiding choppy or short strides because these will wear you out faster. Practice running in lighter clothing – something similar to the underwear you’ll be sporting – so you can practice your running stride in your marathon outfit.
  2. Get plenty of sleep the night before. While Undie Runs are for charity, you’re earning money for a cause. Being out of breath or too tired to finish isn’t fun for anyone. Try to squeeze in at least eight hours the night before.
  3. Get quality running shoes. Once you’ve picked out your women’s and men’s underwear, you need to support your ankles and feet with the right sneakers. If you want to stick to the “bare” trend, go with the barefoot shoes that make you look like you’re running in socks.
  4. Do some cross training a few weeks before the event. This can help improve your stamina so you’re ready to go.
  5. Change up your diet – at least a few weeks prior to the event. Increase your calcium to help promote healthier bones and replace any loss during your training.

By preparing ahead of time, you’re sure to look great and run well at your local Undie Run. Many marathons offer beer to runners after or have a gathering at a local bar. Fitted in your best underwear and surrounded by people who support your cause, you’re certain to have a great time!

Written by Michael, a marketing specialist representing an online underwear retailer.

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It is a fact that if you want people to take you seriously in business then you need to dress to impress. The first thing that those that you are interacting with will judge you on is your shoes. It does not matter who you are or what you have to say or sell, the shoes on your feet will be making a large contribution to the judgements they are making about you.

The clothing you choose to wear is also a part of the brand that you are building for your business. This is not a tricky thing to get right – tried and tested is the way forward here.

One aspect that is often overlooked by people starting out in business however is the contribution to their image that is made by the cars that they drive.

If you show up to that all important meeting driving an old banger, what does that say? Anything other than the latest, smartest ride says you are a loser, and nobody wants to back a loser.

There is a saying: ‘fake it until you make it’. Smart new cars are expensive to buy, and will be low down the list of priorities of a business start up.

Fortunately leasing a business car is easy. Without a large up front outlay you can get the transportation that you need in a style that does not embarrass.

A German car is always a good look. A BMW 7 series certainly sends all the right signals to investors:

Another classic German marque is Mercedes-Benz. The current E-class in particular is a beautiful piece of design:

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We love this video, its totally ‘tongue in cheek’ but nicely done. I don’t suppose it will be too long before phones are as thin as a piece of cardboard and can easily have enough capacity for a camera, HD video, mobile banking, and, if you really must, making calls.

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Abu Dhabi is a shopper’s dream, with plenty of excellent malls featuring a wide variety of popular shops.

When you head to Abu Dhabi, UAE, make sure to leave extra room in your suitcases because the shopping in this city is so much fun that you will find lots of great souvenirs to bring home!

Shopping is a popular pastime in the city and the choices of shops are endless, from chic modern shopping malls to traditional-style souks with local handicrafts. Whether you want to treat yourself to a designer outfit or haggle for a bargain on a watch in the marketplace, a brand new home entertainment system or an antique Arabian bracelet, you have come to the right place.

Prices in Abu Dhabi are usually quite affordable, especially for products such as textiles, carpets and gold, and compared to other cities abroad. If you have good negotiating skills, you can get even cheaper prices from the merchants at some of the souks and bazaars. However, bargaining is only acceptable with the merchants in the markets or the independent shops and antique dealers so don’t try to haggle the price down at Marks and Spencers or Dunkin Donuts!

Shopping Malls

There are several excellent shopping malls within the city, where you will find popular chain stores and designer fashion outlets. Here are some of the most popular locations:

  • Abui Dhabi Mall – this three story shopping centre is located next to the Beach Rotana Hotel, in the Tourist Club Area.
  • The Marina Mall – Located in the Water Breaker Area right next to the stunning Emirates Palace, this shopping centre contains a Carrefour hypermarket, musical fountain, and even thunder and rain inside the building!
  • Al Wahda Mall – This brand new modern mall was only opened back in 2007, and it has many high end designer shops as well as an extensive food court and an enormous LuLu Hypermarket in the basement.

Al Meena

If you want to experience the hustle and bustle of a traditional Arabic souk, head down to the Al Meena area of the city. This is where many traditional souks can be found, and it is a great place for shopping for local produce at reasonable prices. You will find beautiful carpets, antiques, spices, jewelry, and so much more. This is the place to practice your haggling skills, so don’t be shy. The first price that the vendor offers you will usually be twice as much as it should be, so you can be firm but polite and suggest a lower price. If they refuse to budge, simply say no and walk away and you will be surprised how many times they will accept your lower offer to keep your interest.

With it now being able to opt to fly to Abu Dhabi as an choice when taking flights to the UAE, there is no barrier to enjoying the shopping in the city that is an adventure in itself, so get out there and enjoy all of the beautiful shops and boutiques that the city has to offer!

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the worlds of fashion and high finance rarely overlap. This however is one incident where they did, and the results are nothing if not surprising.

As a designer Louise Goldin has caught a lot of eyes as her career has developed. Not least of these were those of the panel of judges for the coveted Coutts Fashion Forward Award. To mark the receipt of this Goldin was commissioned to make a very special dress – entirely out of paper.

The symbolism of making a dress from paper in this context is powerful. On the one hand the material, paper, reflects the work of the sponsor. Wealth management is paper shuffling, and for the most part the material stuff of this craft is paper, it is gilts and bonds. And then we come to the creative aspect.

Paper as a medium is where all designers start – perhaps the primitive childish joy in making paper clothes for dolls, creating beauty from the basest elements. There is a certain atavistic passion that this evokes, along with a celebration of all that goes with it.

Coutts and Co. are a private bank specialising in such activities as capital investment.

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The Ulster orchestra opened the Ulster Bank Festival at Queens with a collage of music from the Americas, featuring composers such as Bernstein, Copland and Gershwin.

The festival is on throughout October, with a variety of events to visit.

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The world of online retail has certainly shaken up the whole commercial High Street sector in recent years. In most respects, the online experience has revolutionised the way we shop and how we in-turn as consumers are treated. Nowadays, virtually any man and his dog can set up a Google Checkout account and attach an e-commerce plug –in to the back of a WordPress site. The advent of social networks and FB has led to a redefined customer experience, once again putting power back into the hands of the consumers.

With all this new technology, chaos running rampant through the global financial markets and increased competition both on and off the High Street, retailers have been forced to dig deep and offer totally new consumer experience in order to hold on to their traditional customer base: Fortunately, this is great news for shoppers, as retailers are now offering a whole range of discounts and voucher codes if you know where to look…

One such site is Boots Treat Street: An online arm of Boots, offering a whole range of special offers and discounts on selected products and brands. The premise is simple enough – as long as you’ve got a Boots Advantage card you can sign-in to the site and click through to the retailer of your choice and earn valuable points as you spend.

To make it even more attractive, Boots are offering a wide range of offers such as a 15%  New Look discount code, as well as deals on delivery and electrical items. Once you’ve brought your products and taken advantage of any special deals, you’ll also be able to clock up your Advantage points and spend them online with Boots, or at your nearest High Street store.

With so many sites offering unique discount codes and aggregating price services, the online High Street really does provide consumers with an advantage over those shopping in the traditional manner.

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