1950s fashion is a flattering and timeless appreciation of the female form. It complements most body shapes and is all about perky breasts, nipped in waists and dramatic skirts. The clothing designs tend to be very modest in the sense that very little skin is on show, a sweet heart neckline is as low as the top will go, showing off minimum décolletage  and  the hemlines of skirts should finish around the mid calf area. The top half is fitted then the look can then be dramatically altered depending on how tight you dare to go with the lower half.


As this look is about the female hourglass, good underwear is essential. It is  worth being professionally measured, most places provide this service for free, and be prepared to spend a little more money than a basic range to achieve supreme results.  A good bra should be an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe already and should be invested in to ensure you are getting the right support. A little extra lift can make a huge difference to an outfit and your confidence.

Another investment could be a structured corset. A daring and fabulously alluring undergarment that will smooth down the body’s natural lines and create a curve at the waist that can be as exaggerated as you are able to handle.

The full skirt

This is a playful and feminine look that completely hides your hips and thighs, reduces the look of your waist and balances out your top half, think American prom dresses. The movement and volume of the skirt allows for experimenting with bright patterns and co-ordinating or clashing petticoats.

The bomb shell

This is best achieved by having your clothes tailored to fit your form perfectly and the outcome can be exquisite. How tight you go will change the impact of this look, just ensure you can walk comfortably because a penguin waddle is impossible to style out.

Tailoring is worth the expense, especially if you are a fan of vintage and second hand shops. If you like the basic shape and design of an item, consider how it could be fitted for your shape.

The 1950s style is a celebration of female curves while simultaneously hiding a multitude of sins. Use the basic style as a starting point and adjust accordingly to bring it up to date and make it unique to you.

Thanks to Jane F for this post. Jane is a huge fan of fashion and contributes to several well-known blogs.

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Upon hearing that the catwalks of the spring/summer 2013 fashion shows were packed with Perspex pieces and that this transparent, plastic-like material was tipped to be the hot new trend for 2013, even the most devoted fashion fans may have experienced a cold shiver. After all, models may be able to get away with wearing skintight, see-through plastic dresses, but the idea gives the rest of us nightmares.

The S/S 2013 shows were full of playful and exciting Perspex accessories, from pretty pink Perspex shoes to jewel-like clear bangles. There were even some clear plastic raincoats, jackets and boleros. This trend has now predictably spread to the world of celebrity, with trendsetters such as Beyoncé Knowles and Olivia Palermo embracing their new favourite accessory – the compact and clear Perspex clutch.

Get the look: Perspex clutch

If you are a newcomer to Perspex, a clear clutch is the perfect accessory to get you started. The best way to pull off this look is to choose a purse which matches your outfit and put this inside your clear clutch. Otherwise, everyone will be able to see the private contents of your purse rattling around inside the clutch. The clutch will still reflect the light and the colours of your outfit (wear something bright with it), as well as making you look incredibly fashion-forward.

Another way to embrace Perspex is in footwear. Perspex heels, where the side panels leading from the heel to the smallest amount of fabric at the toe, are hugely popular right now. Not only do they elongate the leg, as more is on display, but they also create an interesting visual effect, leaving everyone to wonder how exactly your shoes are staying on. Famous fans of the Perspex shoe include singers Rihanna and Beyonce, actresses Emma Stone and Kristen Stewart, and the reality star Kim Kardashian.

Get the look: Perspex heels

There are two ways to wear Perspex heels. You can either choose a pair with clear side panels, or you can pick a pair with a transparent heel. The first shoe should be black or a neutral solid colour, as the Perspex adds enough visual interest, but you can be more adventurous in terms of colour with the more subtle Perspex heeled shoe. The last thing to remember is to avoid looking like you are too ‘themed’ or you came in fancy dress, you shouldn’t wear any more Perspex with your clear panelled shoes. One transparent bangle is ok, but larger pieces of Perspex women’s clothing are out.

The good news is that Perspex is set to be a trend in women’s accessories, not in women’s clothing, so there’s no need to squeeze into that transparent dress just yet.

Christine Felton is a Writer at Fashion Union provider of on trend women’s clothing in the UK.

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Bathing Suits Can Be Angst-Provoking

Most women get a bit apprehensive when it comes to trying on bathing suits and even more antsy when it is time to wear one in public. Granted, the majority of women do not have Victoria Secret model bodies, but you don’t have to be super tall and svelte to look good in a swimsuit.

How does a woman select the most flattering bathing suit? A good place to start is determining your body type so you can emphasize your best features and camouflage the worst parts. What type body do you have?

Pear shape

Are you a pear shape? This body is heavier on the bottom. The hips are bigger than the bust and the waist progressively slants out to the hips. Some refer to this body type as a triangle. When choosing a bathing suit, select one that adds size to your upper body and breasts, while showing off your small waist. Do not accentuate the lower body which is large. Wearing dark colors makes a person look smaller.

Try on a bathing suit featuring an asymmetrical skirt bottom, which makes your body look longer. Avoid boy shorts because they make you look thickset. If you want a one-piece opt for a bandeau type.

Straight body

Perhaps you have a straight body type where the hips and busts and essentially the same size, and the waist are a bit smaller than the bust and hips. Actress Cameron Diaz is a good example of a straight body type. There is not a lot of distinction between the waist and upper and lower body. This is a very common type, which is sometimes referred to as the ruler or rectangle.

The hips and bust are in balance, but the waist is not very definite. Straight types often have flat buttocks and agreeably shaped lower legs. When gaining weight, it occurs in the trunk and then in the arms and thighs.

The most flattering suit for this body type is a bikini with boy shorts or a tankini. The shorts make the hips look a little bigger, and a belted swimsuit gives the impression of a waistline. If your bust isn’t as big as you would like, buy a suit featuring patterns and details on the top.

Hour glass

Do you have a va-va voom hour glass body? If so, this means the hips and bust are the same size and the waist is well defined. The hour-glass body looks good in just about any kind of bathing suit. If you want to emphasize your breasts wear a triangle or halter top and triangular-shaped bottoms. Make your legs look longer by wearing high-cut bottoms.

Inverted Triangle

This type of body is big on top; the waist isn’t very evident, and the hips are slender. Do you remember the actress Bo Derek in the movie “Ten”? She has the quintessential inverted triangle body, featuring broad shoulders, a wide back and a large bust. The bottom may be rather flat in this type of body. When weight is gained it’s usually in the upper body and belly, but the legs are great. Choose a bathing suit that gives the illusion of a better defined waist. Wear high-cut  legs to show off your gams. Patterns on the bottom will give your buttocks more shape.


If your body is an oval, your waist is bigger than your hips and bust yet the hips aren’t as broad as the shoulders. Breasts are big. Choose a bathing suit that de-emphasizes the girth in your midsection and presents the appearance of a define wait. Show off your legs. Wear darker colors on the top because this is slimming. You can wear vertical stripes but avoid horizontal as well as small patterns and ruffles.


In this body type, the waist is bigger than the hips and bust, and the shoulders aren’t as wide as the hips. Breasts aren’t particularly big. Wear a one-piece with a belt, creating a waistline. Balance your bust and shoulders with your hips. Show off your legs and arms. Choose a bathing suit top that makes your breasts look bigger. Ruffles or other details on the top will give the impression of a larger bosom.

Victoria Wong has written contents for many shopping websites. She also blogs on topics related to tips on shopping for clothing and lingerie with discounts from reputed online stores.

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Being a student on a budget is no excuse to look like a fashion disaster. A range of brands have capitalized on the student segment and now offer fashionable apparel at affordable prices. Consequently, more and more students are beginning to experiment with their wardrobes.

On that note, let’s take a look at the latest student fashion trends:

Geek Chic

In 2013, everybody is a geek.

The social lives of students revolve around social media. They get their entertainment from YouTube, their paper citations from Wikipedia, and their movies from Netflix. Students are also extremely tech-savvy, often carrying multiple computing devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Consequently, the biggest trend to emerge in student fashion is ‘geek chic’.

Geek chic is fashion inspired by comic books, the geek culture, video games, and other geek icons. Think large glasses, colourful outfits in the vein of comic book superheroes, video game influences, etc. Dressing up in the bright yellow of April O’Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or the green of Link from the Zelda video games, is much more common among students of late.

Perhaps nothing captures the geek chic movement more than the nerd-artist image of rapper Kanye West on the cover of his album 808s and Heartbreaks. If even our superstars have taken the geek path, can our students be far behind?

Breaking Down the Casual/Formal Divide

You see it all the time at red carpet events: celebrities wearing fitted Saville Row suits beneath t-shirts and sneakers. The casual/formal divide is breaking down, especially among students. Blazers – a staple of British formal wear – are now being worn over sneakers and jeans. Bow-ties, once a strictly formal affair, are now worn with casual suits. By breaking down the divide between casual and formal outfits, college students are pushing the boundaries and bringing new aesthetics to fashion.

Perhaps the biggest harbinger of this breakdown is the massive success of the South-Korean song, “Gangam Style” by Psy. Psy frequently mixes casual elements with formal suits in his outfits. With the global popularity of “Gangam Style”, this fashion trend is bound to take even stronger roots among students.

Inspired by Hipsters

The hipster movement is an offshoot of the geek movement and has invaded campuses everywhere from New York to London. Hipster fashion itself takes inspiration from the 60s and 70s. The emphasis is on skinny fits and mixing-matching garments from different eras. Quirkiness is encouraged and bright colours embraced whole-heartedly.

As part of this trend, cash-strapped students often frequent charity/thrift shops to find (discarded) clothing from different eras. Thus, you might see a 60s era knit-sweater on top of skinny jeans, or large 50s era glasses and modern-cut suits. The song, “Thrift Shop” by the rapper Macklemore adequately captures this trend.

Bright Colours and Prints

You can’t walk into a campus without coming across at least a dozen people dressed in colourful pants and bright sneakers. Gone are the dull, dour monochromes of the mid-2000s. The latest student fashion trend today is the widespread use of bright colours, especially in pants and sneakers. Colours such as green, red, peach and even yellow are becoming student staples, while sneakers have long moved past the white/black/brown to use colours like aquamarine, turquoise blue and bright prints.

Alongside bright colours, prints too have made a huge comeback. Inspired by the 60s counter-culture, these prints are bright and usually paired with equally colourful accessories. Even major celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce have been seen wearing colourful pants with bright patterns.

This post is by Alice, a fashion loving postgraduate student at Brunel University, a top choice for postgraduate courses in London. Alice enjoys fashion, music and art.

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The Most Expensive Shoes In The World

There are numerous items across the world that have exorbitant price tags and many of those items are of a totally luxurious manner. Sports cars, yachts, mansions and even fashion items are just a few. Fashion is known to have many expensive items, one being shoes. There are incredibly expensive shoes out there and in this interesting and informative fashion based article, we take a look at the most expensive shoes in the world in all of their glory. Many women would need one, two or even three pay checks to purchase just one pair of these expensive shoes, but hey, a girl can dream.

The World’s Most expensive Shoes

Stuart Weitzman Stilettos: $1,090,000

These absolutely beautiful shoes have one of the craziest price tags but many wealthy women would love to get their hands on them. These shoes are more jewellery for the feet then actual shoes as they are adorned with 464 round and oval shaped glittering diamonds that are placed on a platinum thread across the front of the shoe. At the 2002 Academy Awards, actress Laura Harring graced the red carpet in these exquisite and expensive shoes.

Stuart Weitzman’s “Ruby Slippers”: $1,600,000

Another addition by Stuart Weitzman to the world’s most expensive shoes are his ruby slippers. Somewhat embodying Dorothy’s ruby slipper in the Wizard of Oz, these expensive shoes are fit for a queen. The indulgent shoes are made out of red satin and are decorated with 642 pear shaped and round rubies and diamonds.

Stuart Weitzman, Tanzanite Stilettos, $2,000,000

These tanzanite stilettos should feature in a jewellery store opposed to a shoe shop. Not called the tanzanite stilettos for no reason, these elegant shoes are adorned with 28 carats of sparkling diamonds and 185 carats of the rarest tanzanite diamonds.

Stuart Weitzman “Rita Hayworth,” $3,000,000

Yet another addition to the most expensive shoes in the world is Stuart Weitzman with a pair of shoes that only celebrities and royalty can afford. These $3,000,000 shoes are true bling for the feet. These are the second most expensive shoes in the world and bejewelled with sapphire, rubies and diamonds. The jewels are set on a soft, burgundy shoe that is open in the front and has an intricate rose type of formation at the front of the shoe.

Ronald Winston “Ruby Slippers,” $3,200,000

At number one on the list of the most expensive shoes in the world are the Ruby Slipeprs created by Ronald Winston. These glamorous shoes were inspired by the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz and feature an astounding 4,500 precious rubies which amount to 1,350 carats.

Jemma Scott is a freelance fashion writer that looks at topics ranging from many a new womens blouse to expensive shoes.

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Asia has an amazing potential in the design industry. There are a growing number of unique and talented designers that are taking the fashion world by storm. Asian models don the catwalks of the world each season, wearing the latest in fall, winter, spring, and summer fashions. The fashion community turns their eyes to this region of the world to look for inspiration for and trends in the fashions of tomorrow.

Younger Impact

Asian fashion is inspired by the trends and popular culture of its younger generations. In japan, for example, the loose garments and unique hairstyles that are worn by adolescents and young adults are inspiring a worldwide movement. Now, European youths are sporting the trends inspired by the Eastern world.

Delicate Shades

Asian shirts come in a wide variety of styles and colors. What makes them cohesive is the delicateness with which they are created. Dresses and skirts for women are made in baby doll styles with sweet and simple embellishments like pearls. Usually these are crafted in shades of light pink or blue. Denim shorts are worn short but are coupled with soft and flowing white tops that give an almost ethereal appeal. The most popular demonstration of this delicate Asian fashion may just be the Lolita style that comes from Japan. This fashion mixes an innocence of the baby doll style in a fun and overtly flirtatious way. Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuka styles are other examples of the innocent meets harsh clothing style coming from Asian fashion houses as well.

No Asian fashion look is completed with just the clothing alone. Instead, the make-up used plays a crucial role in completing the overall appeal of the style. Much like with the clothing, make-up combines sweet with sassy. False eyelashes are added making the eyes really pop with eye shadow shades being light and fresh. Soft pinks contrast against the harsh lash line.


Asian women’s fashion utilizes fun accessories to complete looks as well. Large necklaces with funky pendants like teddy bears and hearts are worn around the neck and headbands are placed in the hair that has the same large embellishment style. Earrings tend to be on the softer side with a more delicate stud opted for over large hoops or dangling styles.

Hairstyles are an important accessory in and of themselves. The popular Lolita look is coupled with messy up-do’s that bring the contrast in harsh and delicate once again. Men, in contrast, tend to cut their hair thin on the sides with length extending in the back. This male hairstyle demonstrates that the contrast approach of fashion extends beyond female clothing options to Asian men’s fashion as well

This article was written by Kate B., one of the most experienced fashion blog writer and style contributor at coco-fashion.com

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Jean Paul Gaultier rocked Paris Fashion Week with his Rajasthani couture collection. By far the most eclectic designs to appear on the runway, his extravagant use of colour, embroidery, and pattern were a breath of fresh air after Eli Saab’s somewhat demure display earlier in the day. It’s official, Gaultier has added some much needed punch to the cultural infusions that are part and parcel of the artisan-based tradition of couture and its presentation.

Gaultier Gives Paris Gypsies

Sinewy models took to the catwalk with heavy kohl-lined eyes, beehive hair, oversized jewellery and towering platforms. All were ensconced in a string of bright embroidered ensembles. Bulbous stripes led the way on dresses, with both off-the-shoulder and asymmetric styles featured. These were followed by gorgeous super-cinched tulle gowns, held together by big gold belts. Standing out from the rest of his collection, Jean Paul Gaultier’s orange patchwork halter dresses, worn with airy pink shawls and a selection of twirly tiered skirts, were a fashion frock-fest! His fancily-frilled maxi skirts were also a highlight. All came together as a portrait of India’s heady landscape – the spicy undertones a welcome arrival.

Perhaps it was the care-free sauciness of gypsy culture that Jean Paul Gaultier so fashionably inhabited considering his French roots, but this show was unlike any other the haute couture designer has put on in the past. It was a glimmering display of vibrant colours and extravagant needlework that took us all to the heart of his Rajasthani fantasy.

For the finale, Gaultier sent out the “white elephant” of his collection – a vast full-skirted embroidered wedding dress. A dramatic recreation of any Bollywood extravaganza, the dress was a compelling end to a decadent showcase.

Jean Paul Gaultier certainly didn’t hold back in terms of the actual fashion show either. Audiences were treated to a catwalk surrounded by swirling translucent veils and the exotic sounds of sitars in the background. With an added touch of humour, Gaultier seated his guests in sections named after Indian dishes.

The French designer’s front row was later described by fashion bloggers as a “reality show waiting to happen,” with Catherine Deneuve; Spanish actress Paz Vega and Rossy de Palma all sandwiched together. Other notables in attendance were Amanda Lear (the former Salvador Dali muse-turned-disco-diva), French comic Florence Foresti and Abel Ferrara.

The Moroccan Sunset of Haute Couture

Last year Jean Paul Gaultier paid tribute to Amy Winehouse in an edgy fashion show that showcased the late singer’s diva style. It seemed impossible that he would be able to deliver such a provocative collection a second time round. The glamour, drama and sartorial narration present throughout his Spring/Summer 2013 designs were proof that Gaultier’s inspiration has not run dry- and neither has his overwhelming talent.

Bella Gray is a fashion blogger who loves to write about the fashion scene. From men’s dinner suits to the latest runway collections, Gray is the perfect go-to-gal for all your style trends and gossip.

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There are many marks in urban fashion that have made it what it is – street style clothing that reflects on the wearer’s personality. The art of urban fashion is flooded with icons and colourful characters that have lead the way, and as far as blending art with entertainment and clothing, the urban clothing market continues to set trends with forward thinking fashion that makes real statements.

Beyond the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce and P-Diddy who own their own fashion labels, there are many historic and iconic marks that have lead the urban fashion scene into where it is now. Urban fashion, street wear, skate clothing and surf wear was started far from the celebrity world of Los Angeles, however those celebrities have done extremely well by jumping on the fashion band wagon and increasing their own brands. That said, some of the founders of urban, street, skate and surf fashion have become celebrities in their own right, and have turned the world of fashion on its head. Urban fashion is fun, its exciting, its iconic and its inspirational.

We thought noting what makes urban fashion special, and highlighting today’s fashion icons would be rather interesting. Although we know its not just the people that wear urban trends that are essential to its success, its important to know where it began and you can read about that in our other pieces. But, as well as where it all started many of our readers like to know a little more about urban wear and where its inspiration comes from.

Just how art and fashion has been combined and how it was inspired by the pioneers of the urban styles available today is fascinating. People in the urban community do inspire the designers of the leading catwalks and fashion showcased on the red carpet.

Just visiting your nearest shopping centre will give you an insight into just how the hip-hop world influences today’s fashion. Much of what can be viewed on the high street has been inspired by celebrities and fashionistas all over the world.

Take American rappers like Kanye West, P Diddy and Jay Z and the models, singers and dancers that adorn their arms. Much of what you see in the shops is modelled on their wardrobes and you will probably reflect some of their personal style in your own clothing collections.

Signature styles are statement styles that make us what we what to present. By using fashion, you can make exude the personality that you want to. In terms of today’s fashion styles, the icons that wear them each have very individual signature styles. We can take ideas from icons and use them cleverly in our personal wardrobe collections. In terms of the clothing that is seen across urban fashion lines, it has taken us through decades of the entertainment and arts world and is set to continue taking inspiration from 21st century fashion icons across the world. It’s great to see trends evolving and returning after decades because they are, and were, so able to present ideal signature styling – no matter whether you like to wear formal or relaxed trends.

Urban fashion stems from important icons in the worlds history and movements in the fashion industry in years gone by. Whether it’s a little black dress, a glossy white pair of skate shoes or a bling bit of apparel you are looking at, no doubt it has taken inspiration from real people, fashionistas, icons.

In fact, call them what you want – we know that by blending art, entertainment and fashion seamlessly – the urban fashion community has created timeless style that can be customised as time passes by. So long as there are followers of street fashion, there will be urban, street and skate styles to enjoy.

Louisa loves the urban, street and fashion industry and regularly writes content surrounding these subjects. She also works for Clubnet Search Marketing as a professional copywriter.

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There are some unique challenges to online fashion retail. People are all kinds of funny shapes and sizes – and it is tough to know how a garment will look on you without trying it on.

Some of the problems of selling things online cover all areas however, and are not limited to a particular product or market. Take a look at this (very funny video). If that seems like any sites you use you need to ask yourself why you are using them.

It is important that the user experience online is improved. As the consumer the only thing you can do is vote with your feet and refuse to give business to those who make it hard to use there sites. It is also important to remember that even online you have consumer rights, and to be aware of them.

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The Northern Quarter is one of the most interesting areas of Manchester, with many fun and quirky places for the traveller to explore.

Most visitors to Manchester are too busy viewing the popular tourist attractions to discover the Northern Quarter, a funky and alternative neighbourhood with a fun and lively character. Don’t make that same mistake, because this creative corner of the city is definitely worth checking out. It was actually voted the Best Neighbourhood in the UK, and is the ultimate hangout for the arty, the trendy, the creative, and those who enjoy thinking outside the box.

The Northern Quarter can be found just north of Manchester city centre. As soon as you walk into this part of town, you feel a different atmosphere in the air and the streets become filled with small, independent shops with cute and quirky treasures inside. If you are looking for a vintage record, a pair of punk-style leather boots, a cool place to get a tattoo, or some handmade jewellery, the Northern Quarter is the place. In this neighbourhood you will find designer shops, tons of vintage gear, and welcoming one of a kind coffee shops, restaurants and bars playing late night jazz music.

If you are heading out to explore the kitschy and fascinating wonderland that is Manchester’s Northern Quarter, here are a few tips:

•    Start the day off with breakfast at Koffee Pot. This kind of grungy, earthy coffee shop has a real down to earth feeling, and you will be fully satisfied by their delicious fried breakfasts. The Northern Quarter is filled with comfortable, friendly independent eateries with food that tastes just like your mother made it.

•    Do you feel more attracted to the styles of yesteryear? Do some serious vintage shopping on Oldham Street, which has some of the best vintage clothing stores in the city.

•    Mp3s? What are those? Everything sounds better on a record player and analogue speakers, so search for that elusive album to add to your vinyl collection at Piccadilly Records, Beatin’ Rhythm or the Vinyl Exchange.

•    The best place to shop in the Northern Quarter is Affleck’s Palace. This is a massive shopping arcade made from a five-story Victorian era building. It is an alternative marketplace, filled with over 50 unique stalls selling everything from bright pink leggings to studded bracelets to silk corsets. The styles cater to the Goth, punk and indie crowd, but no matter what your personal taste is you are sure to find something cool at Affleck’s Palace.

•    If it is a sunny day, grab a drink at KRO Piccadilly which is an upscale Danish bar right at the centre of the action in Piccadilly Gardens. The outdoor patio is a great place to sit and people watch.

•    Later in the evening when you want to catch some sweet live music, the place to go is the Night and Day Café. This tiny hole in the wall venue was where bands like Oasis and Badly Drawn Boy played before they made it big.

With major international airlines now offering flights to Manchester the world is set to take notice of this hot fashion city. Have fun exploring the alternative and quirky side of Manchester, in the super-cool Northern Quarter!

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