Nowadays it can be hard to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member, particularly with the recent rise of online shopping often you will find that they prefer to buy their ideal gifts themselves! Adding to the surprise is a great part of a thoughtful gift, so it is important that your gift comes from the heart.

However if you’re stuck on ideas, there are a number of fool proof gifts you can give that will surely make an impact on your friend or relative. Gifts can make any occasion special, and it doesn’t even have to be a specific event! Use unique gift ideas to celebrate the passing of a test, graduating from school or even to remind that special someone just how you feel about them.

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Here, online china ornament specialist The Chinaman have put together a short but special list of 5 great gift ideas which are guaranteed to make your recipient smile.

Gift Cards
Although thought of as a cop out by some, gift cards are a fantastic way of letting someone know ‘I’m thinking of you’. Some people like nothing better than being able to buy their own gifts, as who knows what they want better than they do?

A thoughtful gift card for the right shop can often say far more than a less considerate, more physical gift. Plus, then your recipient can use it towards a bigger present, or even use it to purchase several smaller items, such is the flexible nature of a gift card.

Spa Day/Track Day
A day out doing what you love, what more could anyone ask for? Depending on the interests of the individual, you can easily get them tickets to a specific event that will get them nice and relaxed, or set their heart racing. Do your research! What are their interests? Would they prefer to go to the theatre, or is the football stadium more their game?

Whatever you do, make sure it is well planned if you want to make it a surprise. Talk to the rest of the relatives or close friends to make sure your recipient is free that day, keeping in touch in the lead up to the event to make sure that nothing comes up. If you want to take them away for a day, get in contact with their manager and share the surprise, so that they don’t have to worry about booking the day off for holiday!

Fine Figurines
Some people like good jewellery, others like fine figurines. If you know your friend or relative is a collector of fine china, or loves porcelain ballerinas, all it takes is a quick survey of the figurines they already have to get an idea of what you should buy them. It also helps to get a quick look, or to get a friend to help you to make sure that you don’t get them something too similar to another figurine!

The great thing about porcelain is that it can be customised or requested specifically. The artist may be able to paint a special message on the base of the figure, intended only for the recipient to see. It is a fragile gift that means a lot to both parties, and will often sit on the mantelpiece as a treasured memory for years to come.

Home Cooked Meal/Nice Restaurant
Sometimes you don’t even need to splash out an awful lot to give a heartfelt present. Something as small as baking a cake for your recipient, or letting them put their feet up while you prepare a nice dinner for them will be enough to make them smile.

Surprising them by taking them out to a posh restaurant is also a nice touch; particularly if you organise to have their friends meet you at the event. You could pick them up from work (or let them know once they’ve gotten home, if they like to prepare for such an event) to surprise them, which gives the whole event an air of spontaneity and playfulness.

Naming a Star
While a little bit dear, naming a star on behalf of your loved one can be a really romantic gesture. Depending on which package you request, you will receive a certificate of the name of the star, documentation of the location of the star, perhaps a small plush toy of the star and even photos of the star from space.

Whatever the special occasion make the event shine by giving a well thought out and memorable gift that your friend or relative will love. It only take a few more minutes of thought, but it can mean a whole lot to the receiver of the gift as it shows how much you care about them.