Buying lingerie for your significant other is not the dangerous waters you may think. You’ll find that with a little guidance and some good judgment, you can make her happy which, of course, makes you happy.

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When you buy lingerie for someone, you are buying a very personal item. Even if you are buying a wedding gift, lingerie is still very personal. When you purchase one of these items for a loved one, you are showing that you’re taking time out to think of them in particular. One of the nicest things about this is that you are also telling your spouse that you love her. Face it, it takes a little more thought to purchase lingerie. You don’t want to buy racy items that will make her feel cheap, but you don’t want to go too far the other way and make her feel like a grandma. You usually have to know your significant other quite well to make those selections, and the thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed.

Build Her Ego

You can build her ego with a thoughtful selection of lingerie. Many women lose their confidence as they age, have babies, and gain, lose, and gain weight again. With a nice choice of lingerie, you are acknowledging her femininity and attractiveness. A chemise night set can be plenty sexy, yet modest, and is intimate enough to let her know that you find her attractive without being overtly racy. A satin robe is luxurious, and can make any woman feel appreciated. If you want to include a racy little thong and cami, go ahead – with the robe, you’re giving her the option of being modest when she is so inclined. When you buy her lingerie, you are telling her that you like her looks, and that you want her to feel pretty.

Sexy or Not


So often, men think that if they buy their woman lingerie, they have to buy something sexy. However, most will agree that the nightie itself is not as sexy as the woman in it. If you’re into role-playing, that’s something different. Here, we’re talking about lace, studs, thongs, bras, and fabrics. Believe it or not, a woman will go buy weird or kinky stuff for herself, so that she can please her man. You want to reinforce that you find her to be beautiful and sexy on her own. So, think in terms of buying satin, soft materials with cotton gussets. If an item has lace, feel of the lace. Pull it across your arm – if it feels scratchy, and snags the hair on your arm, it won’t be comfortable for her to wear. Most lace is very rough and scratchy.

Take Requests

Has she asked for any particular item of lingerie? If she has asked for it, see if you can find it. Some women want specific items. In such cases, you can probably get the sizes from her. This makes it much easier to go shopping,

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