There was a fairly good post put on Broadband Expert this week on whether ‘The free laptops included in Contract Mobile Broadband are free or not’. The Post is below for convenience’s sake:

Whilst many mobile broadband providers and resellers offer free laptops with a range of mobile broadband deals consumers are being urged to consider whether these laptops really are free in the true sense of the word.

With mobile broadband services having become increasingly popular the market has grown more and more competitive, and rival mobile broadband providers have had to find new and inventive ways to try and attract customers. One of the incentives that many mobile broadband providers offer when it comes to deals is free laptops with certain mobile broadband packages. Often consumers can look forward to a pretty high specification laptop with certain mobile broadband deals and contracts and this is what often sways the customers to go for a particular mobile broadband deal.

However, whilst the offer of a free laptop can certainly be tempting for consumers officials are urging those that are considering opting for a particular deal simply because of the free laptop offer to consider just how free the laptop is in the true sense of the word. Often consumers will simply choose a particular deal because of the thought of getting a free laptop, when in fact they could have enjoyed greater value for money with a different package option.

It is important to remember that often these free laptops are only available with longer contracts, so you need to consider whether being tied into a contract for eighteen or twenty four months is worth the free laptop. Also, often the laptop is only available with the more expensive packages, which means that in effect you are still paying for the laptop over time.

Its worth bearing in mind however just how prevalent mobile broadband has become in the last 2 years.

At the end of the article comes this interesting point.

If you want to save money or enjoy greater flexibility with your mobile broadband then you may find that you are better off with another deal rather than a free laptop package. If you are determined to opt for a free laptop deal then you should make sure that you check on the specification of the laptop that comes with the deal to ensure that you get the best possible laptop as part of the deal.

There you have it?