All things pretty and fashion have always seem to go hand in hand and have done until black became the real colour to wear. Brands such as Prada have instilled a Kohl Eyed gaze along fashions marvelously loose borders.

There equally seems to be a revival in the last year in the floral flower print dress… A revival I am happy to say of ‘I like’. Topshop seems to have a fairly large selection of dresses as well as the ‘flowery numbers’. I like this girls sense of mixing the dark leggings with the flowery dress, gives her a kinda ‘good girl gone bad‘ style and the Dr. Martens well – I reckon she picked them up second hand. Best way I say. Could she have gone for a more hideous colour?

Now I like flowers and I like dresses on girls – Old Fashioned I hear you say.

But even Katie over @ What Katie Wore seems to be ‘taken by flowers’.

I really wonder what is the universal appeal of flowers on girls clothing? – could it be the domesticity of a girl wearing a flowery skirt? or the absolute appeal of flowery, hair flowing girl pushing a trolley of drinks? Now what ever it is – I’m firmly of the opinion that flowers on dresses are here to stay for at least this summer(summer?!?), well, that is until the great wheels of the fashion industry great another shade of black and sell it as black? A trend revival perhaps?

One thing I’m certain of is that this women has quite clearly lost the plot…