When you buy a house you are kind of under the impression that a house (especially if new build) should be free of defects, sure you might have some money left in your ever decreasing savings pot to fix any problems with your new house which you own courtesy of your first time buyer mortgage, which was kindly lent to you at a pretty high rate by some corporate bank.

After browsing a forum which is completely unrelated to this blog I came across some horrible pictures of the condition of a new build house, brought under the impression that it would be ‘free of defect’.

Firstly lets start with a window frame in the house –

A fairly nice 2.5 inch gash – not great eh!

As a former electrical apprentice I can quite honestly say that this is fairly dangerous especially for children or even adults who think they are clever – If the Mains is On and you stick your fingers behind here please do expect a shock…

Interesting all this would take to be fixed is two screws? Can’t organise a piss up in a brewery anyone?

This is perhaps the most bend plinth I have ever seen. I don’t even think words need to be used to describe this. Its clearly pretty bent.

Now here is the final image and for people who are unaware what Knotweed is, check it out here and to find out what it will do to your property try here

Basically this photo is something any prospective house should be scared off!

This house will need to be knocked down and coincidentally its a new build which had a survey done on it. Its worth checking stuff out properly.