They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and so for many guys, they can be an easy (if expensive) go to gift to get the lady in their life at Christmas time. Most women do indeed love receiving expensive and attractive jewellery, and it will certainly show you have gone to some effort, however actually, it isn’t always as good of an idea as it sounds.


If you are contemplating any sort of diamond jewelleryfor your girlfriend this Christmas, here are a few things to consider before you take the plunge and shell out!

Do You Actually Understand Her Taste?

If you haven’t been together for long, or, if you are just a guy who has no idea at all about women’s fashion and doesn’t pay all that much attention to what she wears, it could well be that you don’t really know what she would like in terms of jewellery. This isn’t a bad reflection on you, some couples go their whole lives quite happily without every really understanding each other when it comes to taste in clothes and other aesthetic things, but it does mean that you may get the choice very wrong.

Don’t assume that just because it has a diamond in it any woman would be happy to own it. If your girlfriend is a sporty, casual type of girl she may have no use whatsoever for some Audrey Hepburn diamond earrings, whereas if she likes the finer things in terms of her jewelry a fun, blingy necklace that another girl might love might be quite unappealing to her. Some girls don’t even like the idea of wearing fine jewelleryand prefer more natural stuff made of things like wood and beads. Think about what you have seen her wear or any conversations you have had about what she likes, and if this doesn’t inspire you, forget jewellery and buy her something else instead – for some women a new iPod or vacuum cleaner is better than a necklace anyway!

Will It Be Misunderstood?

Diamonds, unless you are a billionaire playboy who hands them out to every girl he meets, tend to be a gift only really given in a serious relationship. If you have only been dating her for a little while, they can actually be misunderstood as meaning more than they do. To you it might be that that diamond bracelet is a pretty gift she will like which might win you some points, but to her it could be seen as a symbol of undying love. Worse, if you have been together for a while but aren’t thinking marriage yet (or at all), never give her a diamond ring. It should be obvious why this may lead to a conversation you don’t want to have!

However, if you are in a long term relationship, are in love, and intend to give the diamond with the right sentiments behind it, there is often no substitute for diamond jewellery as a Christmas gift – assuming you are confident you can pick something she will love!

The author of this guest post, Nolan Grey, is a receptionist at Diamonds on Web, a leading provider of diamond stud earrings. In his free time, he loves to indulge himself in creative pursuits such as painting and sculpting.