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Dance costumes have come a long way in recent years. Today, dancers not only have more to choose from when it comes to style and comfort, but there is also a greater importance to choosing the right costume. Your dance costume adds another element to your performance. In a competition, the wrong costume can distract judges and lead to a lower score while the right costume boosts your confidence.

The 2018 Coloyrs of the Year for Dance Costumes

Dance costumes have personalities of their own. They tell a story. That’s why it’s important to always do your research about the right costume for your dance style and performance. In 2018, there are a lot of new colors taking center stage with dance costumes. Make sure you’re on top of this year’s trends by reading on for the 2018 colors of the year for dance costumes!

balance of a dancer

Image via Pixabay

Make Your Mark

When your performing, it’s your job to really make a mark on the audience or on the judges. Pushing the boundaries of dancing means more than hitting the right moves. It means knowing how to wear the most current style in a way that complements your routine. It also means knowing how to be confident with your style.

When choosing the right dance costume, you need to make sure you focus on both style and function. There are a lot of low-quality costumes out there nowadays that might look great but can’t hold up during a performance. The last thing you want to happen during a performance is a costume malfunction! Luckily, there are many high-quality places to find great dance costumes that will last. Alexandra Costumes is known for being on the cutting-edge of fashion while still being top of the line. You shouldn’t have to compromise!

Dusty Rose

You’ve probably seen Dusty Rose everywhere in 2018. It’s on the runway and in stores around the country! Dusty Rose is a neutral pink which looks great on just about every skin tone. It’s sophisticated while still being whimsical! You can’t go wrong with this classic choice! Just be sure to make it yours with some customizations to avoid getting lost in a sea of Dusty Rose!


The Pantone color of the year is making an impact on the dance world as well. It’s easy to see why when Ultraviolet is so much fun! Make a big splash in this vibrant color that lights up the stage! If your routine is more toned down, you can still incorporate Ultraviolet with pops of colorful accessories!


Pastels are making a comeback this year! While you might think Pastel colors are limited to the Springtime, this year they’ve already been seen in upcoming summer fashion! Step outside the Pastel box with new color choices like pale blue, off-white, and more! Pastels are perfect for almost any performance, and it’s easy to mix different shades within a single team to create a rainbow of colors!

ballet dancer

Image via Pixabay

Customize Your Costume

While it’s fun to wear the most popular colors of the year, sometimes you need to stand out from the crowd. Make these colors yours by adding customizations that really show off your unique style. There are a lot of easy ways to customize your performance costume that you might not have thought of!

Mix and Match

There are no rules about the colors above! You’re free to combine colors or even just choose the ones that suit you best. Just because a color isn’t on the trend list of 2018 doesn’t mean it isn’t a great fit for your particular routine. See how Ultraviolet looks with nude pink, or see how Pastels complement a white skirt.


The right accessories can elevate your outfit. In dance, there are a lot of accessories to choose from like tulle skirts, stockings, and hair accessories. Bring these colors into the 21st century with fun accessories you don’t see every day! Ultraviolet is bright enough already, but to add even more sparkle you can include glittery tights to shine like a diamond! Complement Dusty Rose with a sheer skirt to show off your clean lines during your routine! However, you choose to accessorize, make sure it speaks to you as a dancer!


The right props can add another element to your outfit. One of the most popular prop trends to make a big splash in 2018 is Flutter Fetti! This beautiful confetti is easy to use and transforms the end of your routine into a celebration! Explore the right props for your routine and don’t be afraid to try something new if it feels like the right choice!

Dance Costumes

You have the freedom to express yourself with your dance costume! Knowing the latest trends and colors of the year will help you create your best performance with the best costume. Your costume gives you the right confidence to succeed in your performance, so don’t take this decision lightly! Using the tips above you’ll be able to choose the best dance costume for your routine!

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Nowadays it can be hard to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member, particularly with the recent rise of online shopping often you will find that they prefer to buy their ideal gifts themselves! Adding to the surprise is a great part of a thoughtful gift, so it is important that your gift comes from the heart.

However if you’re stuck on ideas, there are a number of fool proof gifts you can give that will surely make an impact on your friend or relative. Gifts can make any occasion special, and it doesn’t even have to be a specific event! Use unique gift ideas to celebrate the passing of a test, graduating from school or even to remind that special someone just how you feel about them.

Luton Hoo Spa

Here, online china ornament specialist The Chinaman have put together a short but special list of 5 great gift ideas which are guaranteed to make your recipient smile.

Gift Cards
Although thought of as a cop out by some, gift cards are a fantastic way of letting someone know ‘I’m thinking of you’. Some people like nothing better than being able to buy their own gifts, as who knows what they want better than they do?

A thoughtful gift card for the right shop can often say far more than a less considerate, more physical gift. Plus, then your recipient can use it towards a bigger present, or even use it to purchase several smaller items, such is the flexible nature of a gift card.

Spa Day/Track Day
A day out doing what you love, what more could anyone ask for? Depending on the interests of the individual, you can easily get them tickets to a specific event that will get them nice and relaxed, or set their heart racing. Do your research! What are their interests? Would they prefer to go to the theatre, or is the football stadium more their game?

Whatever you do, make sure it is well planned if you want to make it a surprise. Talk to the rest of the relatives or close friends to make sure your recipient is free that day, keeping in touch in the lead up to the event to make sure that nothing comes up. If you want to take them away for a day, get in contact with their manager and share the surprise, so that they don’t have to worry about booking the day off for holiday!

Fine Figurines
Some people like good jewellery, others like fine figurines. If you know your friend or relative is a collector of fine china, or loves porcelain ballerinas, all it takes is a quick survey of the figurines they already have to get an idea of what you should buy them. It also helps to get a quick look, or to get a friend to help you to make sure that you don’t get them something too similar to another figurine!

The great thing about porcelain is that it can be customised or requested specifically. The artist may be able to paint a special message on the base of the figure, intended only for the recipient to see. It is a fragile gift that means a lot to both parties, and will often sit on the mantelpiece as a treasured memory for years to come.

Home Cooked Meal/Nice Restaurant
Sometimes you don’t even need to splash out an awful lot to give a heartfelt present. Something as small as baking a cake for your recipient, or letting them put their feet up while you prepare a nice dinner for them will be enough to make them smile.

Surprising them by taking them out to a posh restaurant is also a nice touch; particularly if you organise to have their friends meet you at the event. You could pick them up from work (or let them know once they’ve gotten home, if they like to prepare for such an event) to surprise them, which gives the whole event an air of spontaneity and playfulness.

Naming a Star
While a little bit dear, naming a star on behalf of your loved one can be a really romantic gesture. Depending on which package you request, you will receive a certificate of the name of the star, documentation of the location of the star, perhaps a small plush toy of the star and even photos of the star from space.

Whatever the special occasion make the event shine by giving a well thought out and memorable gift that your friend or relative will love. It only take a few more minutes of thought, but it can mean a whole lot to the receiver of the gift as it shows how much you care about them.

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You want your wedding day to be perfect, like something out of a fairy tale. That means you need the perfect dress. Whether you are looking for a designer wedding dress, such as one designed by Jim Hjelm, or just something that gives you that ‘bride moment,’ you cannot go shopping for a wedding dress unprepared. The day you go out in search of your dress can be a great victory or a major disaster—it all depends on how well prepared you are beforehand. Here is what you need to know well before you can say yes to that perfect fairy tale dress.

Set Your Budget

One of the easiest ways to turn your shopping trip into a shopping flop is to not know how much you can—or should—be spending on your dress, explains TLC’s Randy Knows Best. You are asking for trouble if you walk into a bridal salon without a clear understanding of what your budget is, who is paying for it, and whether or not that budget has any room to budge at all. The last thing you want to do is put someone on the spot when you find a dress you love that is way out of your price range by asking them to help you make up the difference in the price.  Know what your budget it and really stick to it when trying on dresses—do not, under any circumstances, try on a dress you cannot afford. This can only lead to you falling in love with a dress you will not be able to buy.

Bring Someone with You, But Not Everyone

You do not want to shop alone. You will definitely want to hear opinions other than the consultant that is helping you, opinions from someone who really knows you. While you may feel the urge to invite your entire bridal party, your mom, your future mother-in-law, and a slew of other people, WikiHow warns this can be dangerous. Just as having no opinions is not a good scenario, having too many opinions is also a bad idea. The more people you have, the more opinions will be thrust your way, and you know as well as anyone that all those people you are thinking of bringing with you are never going to agree on what kind of dress you should wear on your special day. Just remember that when it comes down to it, it is your dress and it is the one you will have to wear on your wedding day, so while it is nice to have some feedback from the ones closest to you, they are just opinions.

Bring Your Accessories with You

When trying on dresses, you will want to bring any items you already have with you. This includes any special heirlooms or pieces of jewelry that you may want to wear on your wedding day or even your veil or headpiece. You will want to have these items with you to try on with the dresses to make sure they go well together.

No matter if you get a Jim Hjelm wedding dress or another designer dress, or something a bit simpler—it is your special day and if you feel like a bride in it that is all that matters. Be prepared for your day of dress shopping, but remember the most important thing is to have fun.

Featured images:

Brandy Rogers is a wedding planner and blogger who has convered most aspects of weddings for a variety of sites all across the internet

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There appear to be two conflicting trends in successful fashion retailing at the moment and they are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Ultra cheap ranges from Asda and Primark are flying off the shelves but at the same time organic, eco-friendly products have seen a big surge in popularity. Can both sectors of the fashion industry continue to prosper or are they ultimately mutually exclusive?


Whilst the economic downturn has driven many people into the arms of the budget retailers, increasing awareness of environmental issues has led many consumers to make ethical choices about the clothes they wear. Many brands wear their organic credentials as a badge of honour and it is gaining them a good client base amongst those who can afford to be choosy. The problem is that many people believe they do not have the choice but I am beginning to wonder if there really is a choice at all.

Organic Production

Non-organic textile production is extremely damaging to both people and the environment. The toxic chemicals in pesticides and dyes pollute the environment and are detrimental to the health of the workers. Many modern industrial processes use huge volumes of water too and then there is the issue of low paid workers in the factories producing the garments. At the end of the day if the world carries on like this we are going to have serious problems in the near future even producing crops with the soils degraded and the lack of water. We are surely also on the verge of a massive health scandal with many textile workers already suffering from respiratory problems and cancer as a result of working with the chemicals used to dye and sandblast our garments.

Driven by Obsession

The harmful production methods are driven by the thirst for cheap fashion in the developed world and our obsession with being trendy. The fashion industry ensures that new styles and colours are must have items every few months and perhaps it is time for us all to change our habits. We need to view clothing purchases as investments not things to be worn a couple of times and then discarded.


Does it really matter if something is last year’s style? If we are going to right the wrongs, those on a limited budget should spend their money on a few wisely chosen pieces rather than a basket full of cheap rubbish that they will end up throwing away. I am one of those people and I have long ago ceased worrying about wearing the latest in thing mainly because it will be out again before I could ever get my money’s worth out of it. Everyone can afford ethical clothing if they simply accept that they can’t buy so much of it.

Selling Point

The surge in demand for eco-friendly fashion does at least show that some people have woken up and decided to make a stand by supporting ethical production. Many brands are now not just using organic textiles they are using the fact to promote their products. Some, like Seasalt in Cornwall, started the practice years ago and have had great success with their organic cotton stripey tops and t shirts. Now we are seeing a succession of Scandinavian brands like Katvig, Nudie Jeans and Righteous Fashion doing the same thing and demonstrating that you don’t have to sacrifice style to be ethical.

The Real Cost

Some people will always look for the cheapest deals not understanding that in terms of quality, longevity and ethics they are paying a very high price indeed. I guess for the time being cheap fashion will still dominate the high street but things are changing fast and fashion could be in a very different place in the not too distant future.

Sally Stacey is a professional writer who also owns a bridal shop and was on the board of a London based distribution company for 16 years. A frequent traveller for both leisure and business, Sally is always looking for a new adventure to write about.

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When it comes to clothes, there tend to be a lot of things we want. We want clothes that look good, fit well, last a long time, let us express our taste and, often, don’t cost us the Earth. For many people, the clothes sold in the big brand stores just don’t tick all the boxes, and so two different forms of seeking out different styles have really thrived over the last few years – vintage, and second hand clothes shopping.

While these both generally mean buying clothes that have belonged to and been worn by people already, this is pretty much where the similarity ends, and fans of both ‘thrift shop’ style shopping and vintage fashion tend to be annoyed when the uninitiated confuse the two things. Here we take a look at where vintage and general second hand clothes shopping differ:


The main motivator for second hand shopping is that you can pick up something you like for far less money than you can buying clothes new. Much like buying a used car means you can afford a higher end vehicle than buying new, when you shop second hand you can often pick up designer items for a fraction of their original price because they have been used and are no longer a part of the designers’ current seasonal collections. By looking at sources like eBay, you’ll see that you will pay far less for a second hand accessory or item of clothing, while still being able to find something that fits with current trends – essentially, nobody has to know you got in second hand and didn’t spend big money.

With vintage clothing, the analogy is more like an antique piece of furniture than a second hand car. Vintage items are chosen because of their specific style and place in a particular fashion movement, and because they are rare (how many of the clothes you see in a mall today will be in a wearable state in 50 years or more?) they can cost a lot of money. Buy a Chanel bag from five years ago on eBay and it will cost much less than a brand new one, but buy one from fifty years back and it will cost a whole lot more.

Style Statements

As stated, the goal of second hand shopping, while you may be keen to find something a bit different from what every other person has on, is mainly to save money. This means you are likely to be looking for modern styles, similar to the things you would choose if you were to shop from current, brand new lines.

With vintage clothing, the choice to seek out and spend on pieces of clothing and accessories is usually part of a bigger style statement. Whether it is because you are part of a particular subculture where wearing clothes from a certain era is part of the scene, or you are simply drawn to the styles of the past and like creating cool looks by incorporating authentic pieces into your wardrobe, the intention is always to have something unusual, possibly unique.

Whether you love seeking out bargains or want to create eclectic or authentic styles people will really notice, shopping outside of the current lines in chain stores can offer some really cool opportunities!

Today’s guest author, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger. She is a fashion enthusiast and often gives out fashion tips in her articles. She is a huge fan of retro clothing and often suggests her readers to indulge in it.

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Fashion historians may disagree about the true origins of this wardrobe staple, but all would agree that the polo shirt is a timeless piece of clothing that will never go out of fashion. Whether you want to dress it up for a relaxed summer dinner, or keep it casual for a barbeque with friends, the polo shirt will remain a classic look for this summer. However you wear your polo shirt, be sure to avoid the fashion faux-pas of wearing the collar of your shirt turned up, unless, of course, you’re aiming for the French footballer crossed with Sloane Ranger look!

Here we look at the classic men’s polo shirt, and a variety of looks you achieve from styled up with a suit, to styled down with shorts, it’s a hot look this summer.

Modern Mod Culture

Wearing your polo shirt buttoned-up with a pair of jeans is a contemporary take on the Mod culture of the 1960s, and you can add different pieces of clothing to transform your look. Slim, straight line jeans with desert boots or loafers look great with a buttoned-up polo shirt, and if you want to add a semi-fine knit cardigan, or a Harrington jacket, all the better! For some extra detail, wearing jeans with turn-ups is an additional stylish option.

Casual with Chinos

Paired with a pair of chinos, and buttoned-down, a polo shirt rocks a fail-safe look for the summer. Tucked in will look great if you’ve been hitting the gym, but for those less than svelte, leaving your shirt un-tucked is more forgiving. For a smart/casual appearance in the hot weather, the polo shirt and chinos combination truly is a winner.


Everyday Summer Style

A polo shirt worn with shorts isn’t just a style for the golfers amongst us; it can also produce an effortless, everyday look that’s just right for the summer. On its own, the polo shirt and shorts combo is casual and stylish, but for a smarter edge whilst keeping the unfussy look you can also add a blazer to your outfit. On holiday, the polo shirt is a much classier accompaniment to shorts than a wife-beater vest or logo t-shirt.

Laid-back Formality

A suit is a classic, if somewhat formal, staple in every man’s wardrobe, yet adding a polo shirt will allow you to look (and feel, as long as you select cotton!) cool on summer evenings. A polo shirt in this season’s bright colours worn with a neutral coloured suit is just the thing for injecting some personality into your summer look. Carefully consider the fabric and style of your choice of suit, as a dark coloured, woollen business suit will both look out of place and cause unwelcome sweltering in the sunshine! A seersucker or linen suit would work best for this look during the warmer summer months.

Light and Layered

For a semi-casual daytime look, a sleeveless sweater can be worn over a polo shirt to great effect. Worn with jeans or shorts, this look will stay on the relaxed, untailored side of casual, but you can also smarten it up by wearing tailored slim-line trousers and desert boots.

Whatever your particular style, the versatile polo shirt is one of the hottest looks for this summer, whichever way you choose to wear it. By combining one of Lyle & Scott’s golf polos with this season’s must-have trend of bright, strong colours, you can be certain of standing out in the crowd and making a strong style statement. Just make sure that you opt for a good quality cotton version of the classic polo.


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Everything is weirder in Japan! A cliche but true nevertheless. These weird Japanese fashion subcultures will surely make your jaw drop.

The many fashion subcultures in Japan vary greatly from clothing trends that we see across the United States and in many other countries. Fashion in Japan can be categorized into many popular, vibrant subculture categories. These styles are about more than mere garments; they communicate important messages about identity and social groups. Women in Japan are renowned for spending far more on clothing and cosmetic work each year that the average Western shopper. In the fashion world of Japan’s many subcultures that statement is especially true. Grown women, teenagers, and even young girls participate in elaborate wardrobe rituals for some of the everyday looks we will see below. These fashion trends are beginning to percolate around the world–and far beyond small, underground movements. Designers like Gwen Stefani are translating these trends for a global audience, with a fun and colorful effect. We examine a few of the fashion categories in Japanese subcultures below.


License: Creative Commons image source

This trend may seem pretty outlandish, but for any girl who has ever gone to college classes in her pajamas (which includes nearly all girls), it may have some sense of familiarity, however small. This trend became popular in the early and middle years of the past decade, emerging around 2003. It is based off of the popular Kigurumini characters in Japan. These are the costumed cartoon characters that we all know from fairs and theme parks. The term Kigurumini combines Japanese words for “to wear” and “stuffed toy.” The female fashion trend that emerged from these characters allows women to do just that. Kigurumin became popular in Shibuya when young women began wearing oversized pajamas made to look like cartoon characters–as part of their everyday dress. Sometimes called “disguise pajamas” this articles of clothing allowed for unique experimentation with fashion. Popular characters include Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, and Pikachu.


License: Creative Commons image source

This fashion subculture has become so popular in Japan that it is essentially mainstream. Its name implies a lot about the characteristics of this style, in which young women decorate themselves in wild color combinations and textures. The essential element of Decora is kawaii, which means “cuteness.” This look is all about channeling the cute elements of childhood into adult wear. Sometimes confused for the fashion subculture of FRUiTS, which gets its name from a popular Japanese photo magazine, Decora is truly set apart from other trends by its adherence to cute, childlike elements. Girls who wear Decora style are often seen in fuzzy, soft clothing. They wear Mary Jane shoes, miniskirts, and shirts that are often intentionally too small. If this is beginning to sound a little unusual…just wait. One of the most important fashion accessories of the Decora look is the use of toys, often fuzzy, plush stuffed animals with animated movements and talking sounds. Decora girls love the color pink, and they often dye their hair that color. Their childlike take on fashion means that often incorporate whimsical elements, such as handbags shaped like animals or heart-shaped sunglasses. There a lot of different variations within decora.

Lolita Fashion

License: Creative Commons image source

This subculture trend is one that has gained momentum around the world, thanks to the popularity of Anime and the unique stylings associated with this look. Lolita fashion involves dressing in a way that evokes childhood looks, as well as Rococo influences and Edwardian dress. This look emerged in the international fashion capital of Harajuku in Japan (this city from which Gwen Stefani took the name of her fashion line). Girls who wear Lolita dress choose ruffled, knee-length skirts that often have the look of a cupcake because of voluminous petticoats and undergarments. The ruffles of the petticoats are echoed on other parts of the ensemble, with ample lace and other intricate patterns. Childlike Mary Jane shoes are often associated with this look. Although Lolita, like Decora, borrows many elements from girlish or childlike fashion, it is not all about “cuteness.” The Edwardian quality of Lolita adds an element of modesty. Lolita looks can also range from feminine confections, as seen in Sweet Lolita, to hard-edged fashion in Punk Lolita. Gothic Lolita, which features black garments, smoky eyes, and red lips has become outrageously popular. One can find Lolita fashionistas, like the ones seen above, sporting heart-shaped handbags and floral dresses, or you may find Lolitas in full corsets, petticoats, and Goth makeup.


License: Creative Commons image source

Ganguro can be translated as “blackface” and its even more extreme offshoots Yamanba and manba (loosely translated as mountain hag) are one of the really extreme Japanese fashion subcultures. It is a rebellious fashon movement going against the traditional Japanese concepts of beauty of paleness, dark hair and modest neautral makeup. This style features extremely tanned skin (artificial or natural), bleached white hair or aggressive neon colored wigs and dreadlocks.

Simon works for, a company, which brings awesome writers and cool companies together. This Guest post was written in behalf of their client Macy’

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With the recent explosion in interest that premium children’s fashion has experienced it is hardly surprising that the designer collections which are becoming more and more common should find their way onto the catwalk. The last five years has seen a number of top designers introduce kids’ wear into their collections as junior celebrity fashion freaks like Suri Cruise are frequently pictured wearing expensive couture outfits. The publicity opportunities created by such youngsters have obviously not been lost on the designers and now junior apparel is to have its own fashion week in London.


The first Global Kids Fashion Week was held at London’s Freemason’s Hall 19 -20 March 2013 and showcased designer fashion labels like Junior Gaultier and Paul Smith alongside premium and emerging brands including Scotch R’Belle, Munster Kids and Diesel. The first day of the show will be a press event which will highlight trends for 2013/2014. On the second day the event will be open to the public with the proceeds from ticket sales being donated to the charity Kids Company who provide practical, emotional and educational support to under privileged children in our inner cities.


Fashion shows are not the only entertainment on offer at Kids Fashion Week. There will also be play activities which are being organised in conjunction with the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood. There also activities provided by supporting products and brands like Little Bu child friendly nail polish and so the kids can look forward to both fashion inspiration and a liberal dose of dressing up and play. Refreshments will be on hand for worn out parents!

Further Events

It is hoped that Global Kids Fashion week will become a popular annual occasion and partner events are already on course in the Middle East, Australia and the United States. You never know there could be some celebrity visitors in evidence, popping in for a sneak preview of the new collections and no doubt showing off their kids’ latest designer outfits. The big question is whether the likes of Romeo Beckham will make starring appearances on the catwalk? Fresh from his recent engagement modelling for Burberry Beckham Junior would surely be the obvious choice as star of the Fashion Week show.

The Future

The world of children’s fashion looks set for a bright future. Images of celebrity offspring sporting the latest styles are inspiring an interest in kid’s fashion amongst parents and children alike. If you spot a celebrity’s child wearing something you like it only takes a matter of seconds to find out what it is and where you can buy it and so designers will be only too happy to provide clothing for these youngsters in the hope that they get pictured wearing it. Luxury children’s wear is a £500 million business in the UK alone and sales are growing twice as fast as for luxury women’s apparel. Junior designer clothing is most definitely an expanding market and that growth is set to continue for some time to come.

Sally Stacey is an enthusiastic blogger with a keen interest in what is happening in the world of fashion. She is currently writing on behalf of I dream elephants, online retailers of equisite clothing for kids.

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Celebrities For Whom Being Spotted Without A Hat Would Be As Rare As A Pig With Wings

Sometimes, our heads need a little extra assistance and that calls for some headgear. Some wear hats or caps for protection; some wear it for style, while some may wear headwear for religious purposes. Whatever the reason is, different types of headwear have been used by mankind since centuries now. Some people love wearing hats, while others don’t. Some look good in hats, while others are better off without them. However, there have been some famous people, who have loved their headgear and have donned them so well that it almost became their trademark, making it extremely rare to spot them without their bonnets. Here is my top 5 list of famous mad hatters!

Charlie Chaplin and his Bowler Hat

Probably the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of this legendary silent artist, is his quintessential bowler hat, his cane and his trademark moustache, which soon became classic symbols of Hollywood’s silent film era. The bowler hat became famous especially after Chaplin’s most memorable on-screen character “The Little Tramp”, also known as The Tramp, appeared in films like “City Lights” and “Modern Times”.

Jawaharlal Nehru and his Gandhi Cap

Getting its name from the iconic leader of the Indian Freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhi, the Gandhi cap is a white colored side cap, made out of khadi. The Gandhi cap was popularized by Mahatma Gandhi and later started being worn by his followers and other political activists during the Indian Independence Movement. However, perhaps the most significant advocate of the Gandhi cap, probably more than Mahatma Gandhi himself, was Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, who was never seen sans his Gandhi cap.

Abraham Lincoln and his Stovepipe Hat

Without a doubt, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, was the man behind the popularity the stovepipe hat. In contrast to most top-hats, the stovepipe hat is taller and straighter. Legend has it, that the famous president also kept important letters inside his hat! Well we shouldn’t be surprised, since top hats are so tall that even rabbits happen to hide in there!

David Evans (U2 guitarist) and his Skull Cap

The legendary U2 guitarist always tops off his ‘do with a black skull cap. Also famously known as “The Edge”, David Evans has never been seen without a hat or a skull cap since early 80’s. He always dons a black skull cap on all U2’s stage performances, songs and video. Moreover, even in photos from his daily life, the omnipresent black skull cap is always there.

Queen Elizabeth II and her fancy colorful hats

Ever since her accession to the throne more the 60 years ago, the Queen of England has also emerged as the ultimate queen of hats. It is said that the queen has donned more than 5,000 different hats throughout her reign since 1952. From brimless, floral designs to furry winter Cossack hats to bright hats adorned with bows, flowers and feathers, Her Majesty’s head has effortlessly pulled off all these hats as royally and gracefully as her crown.

These are some people whom you just can’t imagine or visualize without their trademark heard wear. There are many more famous celebrities who strut about with their distinctive and famous head pieces. However, these five definitely top the list.

Faith Cummings is the author of this delightful post. She feels that in our society ‘Clothes make the man’ and that is why it is necessary to look great at all times. She believes that wearing stylish hats can change your whole look and add up to your oomph factor.

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1950s fashion is a flattering and timeless appreciation of the female form. It complements most body shapes and is all about perky breasts, nipped in waists and dramatic skirts. The clothing designs tend to be very modest in the sense that very little skin is on show, a sweet heart neckline is as low as the top will go, showing off minimum décolletage  and  the hemlines of skirts should finish around the mid calf area. The top half is fitted then the look can then be dramatically altered depending on how tight you dare to go with the lower half.


As this look is about the female hourglass, good underwear is essential. It is  worth being professionally measured, most places provide this service for free, and be prepared to spend a little more money than a basic range to achieve supreme results.  A good bra should be an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe already and should be invested in to ensure you are getting the right support. A little extra lift can make a huge difference to an outfit and your confidence.

Another investment could be a structured corset. A daring and fabulously alluring undergarment that will smooth down the body’s natural lines and create a curve at the waist that can be as exaggerated as you are able to handle.

The full skirt

This is a playful and feminine look that completely hides your hips and thighs, reduces the look of your waist and balances out your top half, think American prom dresses. The movement and volume of the skirt allows for experimenting with bright patterns and co-ordinating or clashing petticoats.

The bomb shell

This is best achieved by having your clothes tailored to fit your form perfectly and the outcome can be exquisite. How tight you go will change the impact of this look, just ensure you can walk comfortably because a penguin waddle is impossible to style out.

Tailoring is worth the expense, especially if you are a fan of vintage and second hand shops. If you like the basic shape and design of an item, consider how it could be fitted for your shape.

The 1950s style is a celebration of female curves while simultaneously hiding a multitude of sins. Use the basic style as a starting point and adjust accordingly to bring it up to date and make it unique to you.

Thanks to Jane F for this post. Jane is a huge fan of fashion and contributes to several well-known blogs.

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