Many Broadband Users are not getting the speeds they are pay for says telecoms regulator Ofcom.

Roughly 1/5th of UK Broadband customers on an 8Mbps connection where finding that they actually received less then 2Mbps. Could be this be a classic case of paying for a brand and then not actually getting the right service/product? Be this in the form of someone buying what they believe to be a true Chanel handbag and then finding out they have a dodgy copy brought in by Jim’s missus after a small alcohol drenched week in Turkey.

Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards this week responded to his companies survey.

It’s very easy to go out and find out what the price of broadband is, but much more difficult to get a good understanding of what the observed speeds are likely to be.

Come on Ed we all know that? It has always been the case regardless of which broadband or mobile broadband connection you have, its a given that you will not be getting the speeds advertised.

It does seem however that the top broadband using countries could be the ones who have the fastest speeds (kinda obvious), but could a large investment by the government actually help increase the amount of speed – a fair way above the usual mean that we all start using the net and getting the speeds we deserve.

Original Article send to me by @subhajitb who found it on the BBC

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