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New year is a time where we evaluate all aspects of our life, deciding which things we need to change and which things we would like to keep the same. We often tend to look at the relationships we have with our friends and closer to home our partners. Often we love our partners dearly but time and mundane routines tend to make us forget why we are together in the first place. Finding a way to rekindle a dim love life can be difficult and often shelved for tasks that are easier to complete. Unfortunately by putting your relationship on the back burner too often you can inadvertently extinguish the flame of desire and be left with the destruction and embers of a failed relationship.

casmir full

Reigniting the Flames of Passion

Usually work is a demanding reason why couples spend very little romantic time together, that and juggling the children and putting out the rubbish causes the day to end swiftly and the only intimate thing you have shared with your partner is a meal. This is why the new year is a perfect time to reignite the flames of passion and spice up the year ahead with some very simple changes to your life.

Why not snuggle up together on the sofa using modern technology and make start by looking for great lingerie that will spice up your love life and give you both the opportunity to cast knowing smiles at each other over the dining table because you are wearing beautifully crafted Casmir Lingerie chosen by both of you. You may even decide to claim that you need to ‘tidy’ the bedroom so that you can explore the quality lace and seductive material while the family, blissfully unaware of your deception, play charades downstairs.

casmir kneel

Using a Little bit of Imagination.

When you cast your eyes on Casmir Lingerie you will be very impressed by the way that the designers have managed to tastefully combine eroticism and comfort in garments that suggest a hidden secret lurking in your mind. Casmir Lingerie have made wonderful use of colours, fabrics and shape to give the air of classy seductiveness. At first you may find spicing up your relationship in this way to feel slightly uncomfortable and not quite you but after introducing the flickering light and aroma of scented candles and maybe one or two erotic toys for you to play with you may find that you develop a sexy alter ego who relishes in the joy of bringing pleasure to yourself and your partner. Once role playing and adding a little extra excitement to your life becomes an normal part of your bedroom routine – why not shake it up a little and book yourselves into a lavish hotel with log fires and exquisite food and pretend that you have just met each other. Don’t forget that by unleashing your inner seductress you have opened up a vast world of erotic adventures for you and your very happy partner.

Kate Parker is a writer with a passion for luxury underwear. Kate knows first hand how a little bit of imagination combined with the luxury of Casmir Lingerie can really spice up your life.

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We all love shopping and finding those wonderful pieces that we adore for years. It’s about time that we give the same attention to our smalls! Lingerie can be such a wonderful addition to your wardrobe; it can give confidence, add a luxurious feel to an outfit and simply brighten up your day.

Handmade lingerie is the ultimate confidence boost. There’s nothing better than knowing that the clothes that you wear have been given the utmost attention and care before they make it through your door.

Michelle Star is a fashion blogger with a special passion for lingerie and says: “Have a look at some of these examples and my list of the top websites that specialise in handmade lingerie. There’s sure to be something that will take your breath away…”

Mauve Sable Set by Bunnysmalls

The Mauve Sable Bandeau is just £18 and with matching knickers at £32, they’re an absolute bargain.  This set is made with delicate stretch lace for a pretty, girly effect. Bunnysmalls’ products are all made in the UK and feature UK sourced fabric. This website is full of gorgeous designs and definitely worth a look.

Red Cherry Cutie corset by Frantic About Frances

This cheery number is a steel-boned, under-bust corset in a cherry red.  Made from satin with a cream lace trim, it’s topped off with cherry buttons at the centre front. A cute little addition to your wardrobe at £220, it’s adjustable at the back with black lace-up detail.  Frantic about Francis is a vintage-inspired company that hails designs from the pin-up era and has featured in Vogue during the last year!

Juliet Babydoll Set by Luva Huva

This cute babydoll set is £44 from Luva Huva, a company based in London that creates ethical, handmade pieces.  Their clothes are ethically sourced and made from sustainable fabrics. At such a reasonable price, it’s rude to say no.

Luxury gold silk bra set by Lucile & Co.

This set from Lucile & Co. is stunning! Made from luxury pale gold silk and black lace, the bra is £113 and comes with a choice of knickers; tie-back, lace back or thong. Lucile & Co. create all their pieces in England to the highest of standards. This company is the most prestigious of brands, founded by Lady Duff-Gordon, who is the founder of the modern padded bra, and is rooted in lingerie’s historic foundations.

Pear Drop playsuit by Fred & Ginger

This beautiful playsuit is from the Candy Girl collection. Made from shimmery pink silk-chiffon, its draped design flatters all body shapes. It’s backless sash-tie design is beautifully feminine and a real investment piece at £210 – but worth the cost for the quality you’ll be getting!

Dainty Bess playsuit by The Last English Rose

This beautiful silk playsuit by The Last English Rose, available at handmade lingerie ‘superstore’ Esty Lingerie, is made with silk satin, printed silk cups and a Nottingham Lace finish. It’s £115 so an investment piece again, but worth every penny. The Last English Rose is a British company based in London that specialises in handmade silk lingerie. Ranges are beautifully named, from Gentle Hermione to Teasing Georgia.

Harlow bra set by Gilda & Pearl

This piece is made from antique-gold French lever’s lace and pure silk satin. From the Harlow collection at Gilda & Pearl, you can choose from bow bra, baby-doll, cover-up, tie-side knickers or classic knickers – or splash out and buy the whole lot! Match with the Harlow Kimono for real boudoir glamour. Prices start at £42 in this collection. Gilda & Pearl was founded by Louise Hudson and all designs are created in the UK.

Pandora satin & tulle bra set by Baby Grand

A gorgeous set from this Baby Grand Lingerie that includes options for all tastes. Based on 1940s and 50s sirens and film noir style, Pandora in a beautiful bra set available various colours to sui your personal taste. Baby Grand is a luxury brand that prides itself on aesthetics and service. This bra is £69 and the knickers £59.

There’s my list of my favourite 8 handmade lingerie sets. I could list 100 more but for now, today at least, these are my favourites. What are yours? I’ve love to hear them and maybe discover some new handmade lingerie brands so please leave me a comment below…

Michelle Star is a fashion blogger with a special passion for lingerie.

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Buying lingerie for your significant other is not the dangerous waters you may think. You’ll find that with a little guidance and some good judgment, you can make her happy which, of course, makes you happy.

alessandra ambrosio victorias secret pink



When you buy lingerie for someone, you are buying a very personal item. Even if you are buying a wedding gift, lingerie is still very personal. When you purchase one of these items for a loved one, you are showing that you’re taking time out to think of them in particular. One of the nicest things about this is that you are also telling your spouse that you love her. Face it, it takes a little more thought to purchase lingerie. You don’t want to buy racy items that will make her feel cheap, but you don’t want to go too far the other way and make her feel like a grandma. You usually have to know your significant other quite well to make those selections, and the thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed.

Build Her Ego

You can build her ego with a thoughtful selection of lingerie. Many women lose their confidence as they age, have babies, and gain, lose, and gain weight again. With a nice choice of lingerie, you are acknowledging her femininity and attractiveness. A chemise night set can be plenty sexy, yet modest, and is intimate enough to let her know that you find her attractive without being overtly racy. A satin robe is luxurious, and can make any woman feel appreciated. If you want to include a racy little thong and cami, go ahead – with the robe, you’re giving her the option of being modest when she is so inclined. When you buy her lingerie, you are telling her that you like her looks, and that you want her to feel pretty.

Sexy or Not


So often, men think that if they buy their woman lingerie, they have to buy something sexy. However, most will agree that the nightie itself is not as sexy as the woman in it. If you’re into role-playing, that’s something different. Here, we’re talking about lace, studs, thongs, bras, and fabrics. Believe it or not, a woman will go buy weird or kinky stuff for herself, so that she can please her man. You want to reinforce that you find her to be beautiful and sexy on her own. So, think in terms of buying satin, soft materials with cotton gussets. If an item has lace, feel of the lace. Pull it across your arm – if it feels scratchy, and snags the hair on your arm, it won’t be comfortable for her to wear. Most lace is very rough and scratchy.

Take Requests

Has she asked for any particular item of lingerie? If she has asked for it, see if you can find it. Some women want specific items. In such cases, you can probably get the sizes from her. This makes it much easier to go shopping,

Nina Edwards loves to talk about all things fashion, whether it’s lingerie, brand names or budget clothing. She enjoys giving advice and currently works for Blushhh Lingerie.

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Plus size lingerie for ladies with a curvy figure

If you are a lady with curves then there is a lot of choice out there when it comes to lingerie and underwear. Plus size lingerie and plus size nightwear is available in flattering, feminine and comfortable styles.  Gone are the days where nightwear meant a big unflattering nightdress, now lounge wear, pyjamas and night dresses are made to make you look and feel great.

A lingerie shop window on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, La. on March 11, 2008.

You don’t have to be thin to be sexy

Lingerie is now made in all sizes so a flattering corset, mesh baby doll, lace body stocking and sexy knickers are all made to fit your size and shape.  Corsets are very popular due to their instant shape giving design.  You will immediately suck in all the excess weight, making you look thinner and feel desirable.  When you feel good about yourself you feel more confident and happier with your own body. You don’t have to be slim to look good, the plus size lingerie available now is slimming and will show off your best assets whilst disguising the parts you aren’t so keen on. A great look for a larger lady is a corset with mesh panties and lace stockings.  This look will draw the eye to your ample bust, slim your legs and show off your bottom whilst covering up things like cellulite and excess skin. Most men love a lady in this kind of lingerie and it makes a great gift for a special lady. Bras are also made to fit ladies with larger breasts.  The cups are well moulded to lift and separate the bust, offering a fantastic cleavage. This looks good both under clothes and when your clothes come off. Feeling good undressed is as important as feeling good dressed and the latest plus size lingerie will do just that.

plus size lingerie curvy lady

Feminine & Sexy

When it comes to bed time and passion is not on the cards you still want to feel feminine and sexy.  There are some wonderful plus size nightwear on the market, including baby dolls and teddies. These are comfortable to sleep in but will make you look amazing. The materials used will skim your curves, flattering and show casing your assets. Available in different colours and materials including lace and mesh, they will truly make you feel sensational. Fleece pyjamas are also popular and although not generally flattering, the latest plus size sleepwear is made to fit well and feel great. Nightdresses don’t have to be baggy tent like garments but are now available in different lengths, materials and styles.  A silk nightdress will skim over your body making you feel so feminine and gorgeous.  Wake up feeling glamorous in a mesh teddy. These are made to it different bust sizes, making sure you are well supported whist you sleep, but look sexy and sensual.

Bra & Knicker set

Beautiful matching underwear set

Whatever your size or shape there is lingerie and nightwear to suite you.  There are many different styles available, you can take your pick depending on your mood.  From nights of passion to a cosy night in, what you wear will make you feel fantastic.

My name is Henry Jones and I am a regular writer on the lingerie market. My Boutique Shhh Secret Society for plus size lingerie and sleepwear amongst other things is my inspiration to have my finger on the pulse of the lingerie market. I have writen many articles on the subject of lingerie. Please connect with me on Facebook or Twitter if you want to read more from me.

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Lily Aldridge Models Lingerie

Model Lily Aldridge talking about her experience during her lingerie modelling in 2009


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