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Kasha is a Hip Hop Artist from Charlton, London who according to his website which is linked here, is the “anti gangster rapper with the intensity of Tupac but all the sparkle of Sinatra.” BIG STATEMENT there Kasha…

Now with all these hip rap or pop artists comes the questions is there some real substance under his undeniable style (helped by his production “Krew” Vivid Imagery)?

A Recent Blog post he wrote brings perhaps his mellow, slightly nice persona to the forefront, rather then repping 1-2 BS with his homies.

The Full post is here:

Music, Fashion and Climate Change
Most of us are completely unaware of any influences that the changing seasons have on us. We begin to feel enlivened and inspired as soon as the first tiny snowdrop pokes its head above ground, because we instinctively know that spring is just around the corner, but we do not realise that it is nature that makes us feel this way. When spring does arrive and the odd day of warm sunshine beats down on us, we reach for the summer clothes that have spent the last few months hidden away in the cupboard. Out come the shorts and tee shirts, strappy sandals and short summer dresses, and we risk hyperthermia for a few hours of joy at being able to take off those dowdy jumpers, boots and fleeces. We are enticed to the shops to browse and buy summer clothes in gloriously bright or subtly pastel colours.

Music also alters, according to the seasons. Summer music is happy, optimistic, instantly catchy and memorable, just like the hope we have for the coming summer before our expectations are dashed by the thunder storms and inevitable rain. Just think of the Beach Boys who created those happy surfer dude songs that we all know and love, way back in the 1960s. They still evoke in us a mental image of tanned and sun bleached lively young things enjoying the beach life without a care in the world. The fashion that was and still is inspired by their music but sounds have progressed and your just as likely to hear Tupac’s “California Love”, Lupe Fisaco’s “Sunshine”, Bishop Lamonts “Grow Up”, Calvin Harris’s “The Weekend” MPHO’s “box and locks” pumping out to people in the loud and brash, in your face Hawaiian shirt, which to this day remains a great look for men, especially when worn with neutral coloured cargo pants or bermuda shorts. Faded denim jeans are a constant summer fashion item that we never get tired of, even though their shape is constantly changing. In the summertime we seem to need less sleep, which means more time available to dance the night away, or just sit outside with a bottle of beer. But we invariably have a favourite summer soundtrack which we may play in the car or on a iPod. Bob Marley creates that carefree feel, and so much world music conjures up a feeling of sun and outdoor life.

The arrival of winter brings with it the more muted shades of fashion, earth tones and dark sombre colours, and music becomes more melancholy and reflective such as Dr Dre’s “Still Dre”, Akon’s “Locked Up”, Adele’s “Hometown Glory” and Kasha’s “Wildheart”. Lyrics about looking back to the great times had in the sun, slower rhythms and minor keys make us want to wrap up in that hand knitted jumper that Grandma brought over from Jamaica, with gloves, scarves and heavy coats.

So what of climate change? Will Canadians be playing the Isly Brothers “Summer Breeze” and wearing Hawaiian shirts? Will South Africans be playing Prince’s “Sometimes it Snows in April”?

He seems to be a fairly nice chap – perhaps with some dubious fashion tastes but oh well…

I think the chap is fairly “out there”.

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Its almost summer? So its that time of year when you get out swimwear which hasn’t seen the light of day for roughly 11 months.

This apparently is Japanese Swimwear, which in my mind looks fairly painful and also fairly tight – kinda like a Speedo variant that has gone horribly wrong. A Product which will instantaneously repel any form of female interaction and will not make your ‘package’ appear bigger.

On the other hand I cannot simply dismiss this appalling piece of Swimwear as Japan’s ability to produce ‘quality goods – every time’

After a quick Google search for the Phrase ‘Japanese Swimwear’ this kinda interesting photo came up.

Now there are other photos under the term ‘Japanese Swimwear’, but In putting them on my blog it might scare you as to how Random the actual Swimsuits Japanese women are.

In all this is a hearty recommendation not to try any form of Japanese Swimwear – you will not look good.

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All things pretty and fashion have always seem to go hand in hand and have done until black became the real colour to wear. Brands such as Prada have instilled a Kohl Eyed gaze along fashions marvelously loose borders.

There equally seems to be a revival in the last year in the floral flower print dress… A revival I am happy to say of ‘I like’. Topshop seems to have a fairly large selection of dresses as well as the ‘flowery numbers’. I like this girls sense of mixing the dark leggings with the flowery dress, gives her a kinda ‘good girl gone bad‘ style and the Dr. Martens well – I reckon she picked them up second hand. Best way I say. Could she have gone for a more hideous colour?

Now I like flowers and I like dresses on girls – Old Fashioned I hear you say.

But even Katie over @ What Katie Wore seems to be ‘taken by flowers’.

I really wonder what is the universal appeal of flowers on girls clothing? – could it be the domesticity of a girl wearing a flowery skirt? or the absolute appeal of flowery, hair flowing girl pushing a trolley of drinks? Now what ever it is – I’m firmly of the opinion that flowers on dresses are here to stay for at least this summer(summer?!?), well, that is until the great wheels of the fashion industry great another shade of black and sell it as black? A trend revival perhaps?

One thing I’m certain of is that this women has quite clearly lost the plot…

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Its a well known fact that there is a huge amount of difference between real lingerie and cheap nasty stuff which you see on a slighty under-paid model on a sofa reclining in a manner which can only be described as contemptible and vile. Of course the large percentage of ‘modern men’ find this to be fairly attractive and will inevitably end up ‘hooked‘. In our own manner over here at Fashion Contrast Towers, located in a small dreary city, we (well the two of us) have our own take on stuff and we aim to provide you with top quality stuff… Bridal Lingerie is amongst a personal favourite – perhaps in keeping with the idea of Chasity that the bride should be ‘decorated’ in white. Take for example this beauty… Shes all in white but does she really have no ‘skeletons in her closet’?

Now what I really dont understand is why is there a need to dress a bride all in white, when really a nice red ‘set’ will do…

Take for instance this lady…

Does it have the same effect on you? Oh and BTW chick – I wasn’t referring to you as a ‘under-paid’ model – I expect you earn a fair bit! Possibly Vile though?

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