Everyone likes going on holiday. The calming sound of the waves, the good food and the overall ‘good times’ which surround. Of course there are stresses, everyone knows this and still we continue, in true ‘fight them on the beaches’ British style.

Despite the recession still happening, people are still traveling around the world or even staying closer to home, despite the state of the market. Tourism is booming in Wales of all places, I found this out when I was nominated on another blog, for my ‘words’, for the ominous sounding ” Welsh Tourist Board Blog Awards. I now have a proud badge which I have applied to the site, I was fairly excited!

Personally I haven’t left this country for an age it seems at least 4 years and 2 of them haven’t had a weeks break! My only real excursion was to the charming ATP Festival to watch some incredible bands/artists such as Dinosaur Jr. Animal Collective. The Paper Chase. Ghostface Killah. Look them up they will change your life..

Right, I appears tourists around the UK and Europe are facing huge shortages in the availability of rental cars, and that Car Hire firms simply cannot cope with the demand which is ‘outstripping supplies’. Of course the lack of vehicles strangely enough has a knock on effect on the local micro economies, where tourists are cancelling holiday apartments and villas due to the shortage, or have found the prices to be too expensive.

Travel Supermarkets Bob Atkinson was quoted on the BBC…

Small cars in particular are in very short supply, and its often cheaper to take a larger car rather than the small ones

Taking a larger car out on when you don’t need it means you could be paying for a service you don’t need as the majority of car rentals conducted abroad involve a small car.

In Mainland Spain for example prices are 70% higher at the popular resorts of Alicante, Malaga and Murcia. Evidence from local brokers suggest that older vehicles are being used in an attempt to save business and avoid loosing out to the tourists who know what they want and will do anything to get it. However a sure weakness in the demand (fairly obvious) for second hand cars are seeing companies holding on to vehicles which they perhaps would have sold on in recent years. Many customers who have managed to secure a rental vehicle are unimpressed with the quality of the vehicles many of whom have dents to the bodywork and scratches. Not what you want from your Prestige Rental Vehicle! This is perhaps what you would expect from van hire firm with an owner called Ronnie who has had an unfortunate run in with the law!

Holiday Villas have also been struggling, with some Villas offering a free hire vehicle and then not being able to provide such a deal.

Sara Jones of Direct Villa Holidays said this:

It has been a very expensive and stressful affair, Booking hire cars never has never been a problem before, though prices flickered a bit. But this year has just been a nightmare, we couldn’t get cars, or, when we could, they were five or 10 times more expensive.

Is it time for a ‘Staycation where we stay at home ? Perhaps go on long cycle rides along rivers we see every day? I am all for it! (Not that I can’t actually afford to go away!)