You want your wedding day to be perfect, like something out of a fairy tale. That means you need the perfect dress. Whether you are looking for a designer wedding dress, such as one designed by Jim Hjelm, or just something that gives you that ‘bride moment,’ you cannot go shopping for a wedding dress unprepared. The day you go out in search of your dress can be a great victory or a major disaster—it all depends on how well prepared you are beforehand. Here is what you need to know well before you can say yes to that perfect fairy tale dress.

Set Your Budget

One of the easiest ways to turn your shopping trip into a shopping flop is to not know how much you can—or should—be spending on your dress, explains TLC’s Randy Knows Best. You are asking for trouble if you walk into a bridal salon without a clear understanding of what your budget is, who is paying for it, and whether or not that budget has any room to budge at all. The last thing you want to do is put someone on the spot when you find a dress you love that is way out of your price range by asking them to help you make up the difference in the price.  Know what your budget it and really stick to it when trying on dresses—do not, under any circumstances, try on a dress you cannot afford. This can only lead to you falling in love with a dress you will not be able to buy.

Bring Someone with You, But Not Everyone

You do not want to shop alone. You will definitely want to hear opinions other than the consultant that is helping you, opinions from someone who really knows you. While you may feel the urge to invite your entire bridal party, your mom, your future mother-in-law, and a slew of other people, WikiHow warns this can be dangerous. Just as having no opinions is not a good scenario, having too many opinions is also a bad idea. The more people you have, the more opinions will be thrust your way, and you know as well as anyone that all those people you are thinking of bringing with you are never going to agree on what kind of dress you should wear on your special day. Just remember that when it comes down to it, it is your dress and it is the one you will have to wear on your wedding day, so while it is nice to have some feedback from the ones closest to you, they are just opinions.

Bring Your Accessories with You

When trying on dresses, you will want to bring any items you already have with you. This includes any special heirlooms or pieces of jewelry that you may want to wear on your wedding day or even your veil or headpiece. You will want to have these items with you to try on with the dresses to make sure they go well together.

No matter if you get a Jim Hjelm wedding dress or another designer dress, or something a bit simpler—it is your special day and if you feel like a bride in it that is all that matters. Be prepared for your day of dress shopping, but remember the most important thing is to have fun.

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