Spotify uses it on their free service, every 20 or so minutes, a tolerable advert, which is chosen at random by analysing the song history (genre, age etc) and your usage patterns. We tolerate this as it is a free service… Equally there are constant adverts popping up on the bottom bar, generally music related, and really nothing to be worried about…

Misery Signals? Little Boots? Relevant?!

Of course if I pay I can relive myself of the the adverts. Spotify on their FAQ section say this regarding ‘amounts of advertising you will be exposed to’.

There should be significantly fewer ads in Spotify than you’d find on commercial radio. We are trying to strike a balance between artists who want to be paid and providing the best possible user experience.

Fair point.

Now the real point of this blog post is that recently (this morning) it has been revealed to me that 3, one of the worlds leading Mobile Broadband service will be incorporating an advertising platform into their Mobile Broadband & Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband services.

Advertising ‘results’ will be taken from the business directory. The plans where announced earlier this summer, of their plans to carry in the same way Spotify does adverts, the intentions are to get more brands to sign up to the huge advertising potential that this carries.

Users will see the adverts, every time they connect to the internet service, whether the service carries a ‘off’ button to ‘remove’ the service remains a mystery, but all I know is that the potential of 3 million people per month seeing your advert surely is a good thing for any business…

Soon to include adverts...

Soon to include adverts...

The question In my mind is whether its acceptable to have an addition like this on a paid service?

*Update* After a week or so of having a fairly hard (yeah right) look around for an image of what the service will look like I came across this picture.

3MobileBroadband Adverts

3MobileBroadband Adverts