Abu Dhabi is a shopper’s dream, with plenty of excellent malls featuring a wide variety of popular shops.

When you head to Abu Dhabi, UAE, make sure to leave extra room in your suitcases because the shopping in this city is so much fun that you will find lots of great souvenirs to bring home!

Shopping is a popular pastime in the city and the choices of shops are endless, from chic modern shopping malls to traditional-style souks with local handicrafts. Whether you want to treat yourself to a designer outfit or haggle for a bargain on a watch in the marketplace, a brand new home entertainment system or an antique Arabian bracelet, you have come to the right place.

Prices in Abu Dhabi are usually quite affordable, especially for products such as textiles, carpets and gold, and compared to other cities abroad. If you have good negotiating skills, you can get even cheaper prices from the merchants at some of the souks and bazaars. However, bargaining is only acceptable with the merchants in the markets or the independent shops and antique dealers so don’t try to haggle the price down at Marks and Spencers or Dunkin Donuts!

Shopping Malls

There are several excellent shopping malls within the city, where you will find popular chain stores and designer fashion outlets. Here are some of the most popular locations:

  • Abui Dhabi Mall – this three story shopping centre is located next to the Beach Rotana Hotel, in the Tourist Club Area.
  • The Marina Mall – Located in the Water Breaker Area right next to the stunning Emirates Palace, this shopping centre contains a Carrefour hypermarket, musical fountain, and even thunder and rain inside the building!
  • Al Wahda Mall – This brand new modern mall was only opened back in 2007, and it has many high end designer shops as well as an extensive food court and an enormous LuLu Hypermarket in the basement.

Al Meena

If you want to experience the hustle and bustle of a traditional Arabic souk, head down to the Al Meena area of the city. This is where many traditional souks can be found, and it is a great place for shopping for local produce at reasonable prices. You will find beautiful carpets, antiques, spices, jewelry, and so much more. This is the place to practice your haggling skills, so don’t be shy. The first price that the vendor offers you will usually be twice as much as it should be, so you can be firm but polite and suggest a lower price. If they refuse to budge, simply say no and walk away and you will be surprised how many times they will accept your lower offer to keep your interest.

With it now being able to opt to fly to Abu Dhabi as an choice when taking flights to the UAE, there is no barrier to enjoying the shopping in the city that is an adventure in itself, so get out there and enjoy all of the beautiful shops and boutiques that the city has to offer!